Based Fauna

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  1. It would be really ironic if the known vegan SOMEHOW became the HoloEN representative for World Milk Day.

  2. Right above this post I see a Hololewd post of Fauna in that exact bikini.
    Truly there is a greater force out there somewhere. 🙏

  3. When will people learn that the comfiest voices (Watame and Fauna) in Hololive are some of the most cultured.

  4. Sometimes I legitimately wondered.

    Is my Oshi secretly the Hololive Gamers that get put on the EN branch lol?

  5. she is determined to get rid of her “medium” classification no matter what embarassment she must endure

  6. I like to imagine Fauna bored at her house thinking: Yes, I want to see cowkini fanart of myself. **makes 500 IQ move**

  7. I take a few months off hololive and this is the kind of based material I come back to! Today is a good day. What else have I been missing?