Bank of England says UK may already be in recession

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Bank of England says UK may already be in recession

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  1. You don’t say…what was the first clue? I’m more worried it becomes a depression. It’s clear the useless truss and kwarteng haven’t a clue

  2. No fucking shit. Bascially the big money has managed to get all tbeir money out and now its ok to announce it to the masses.

  3. Does it feel like a recession to anyone in their real life just now?

    House prices are roaring, everywhere is recruiting. It’s a weird recession

  4. Wait wait really. Are they sure?

    Have they checked how little money people have to spend?

    Ok ok how about how much prices on essentials have gone up in the last 6 months vs wages?

    Or how about the housing situation?

    Well maybe we can look at investment money then?

    Oh uh maybe if they look at costs for businesses to function?

    Hmm you know what I think they might be onto something

  5. I hate that countries gauge their success on fractional % of expected infinite growth

    Why can’t we just make sure everyone is happy/healthy/safe etc instead

  6. It’s very clear that we are in recession, they’re refused to announce it till now because it would look awful for the Tory party that they spent the entire time this was looking likely participating in a vanity show picking a new leader of their party, all they care about is the optics.

  7. Given the standard of living drop over a decade for future generation does anyone really care?

    It wasn’t like the boom period was improving anything. Maybe a focus on GDP growth is meaningless to living standards.

  8. Does it matter? All forecasts say that we will be in a recession soon, and this is going to be a big one. Plus we are in a much worse situation than 2008.

  9. The poor in society have been affected most this year already, but there disposable spending didn’t really make a dent in the economy. I think we’ll slowly see a rise in the middle class reigning in spending now.

    My local Aldi, is getting busier and busier, more people making coffee at work than walking in with one, these are small changes. A friend who works at McDonald’s noted the saver menu is more popular now, these are small changes but contribute to a bigger picture.

    I think it will be a slow burn. There was already so much money floating around in the economy. It will dissipate eventually.