Atlus is developing Persona 3 remake – Rumour

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Atlus is developing Persona 3 remake – Rumour

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  1. I wish this were true. Persona 3 is my favorite Persona game but I hate how the content is split between the portable version and FES. You can either get the FeMC route with portable but lose the overworld anime cutscenes and Epilogue or have those things and miss out on FeMC route and updated battle system.

  2. Yeah reported by some random dude in a forum. I love how someone can claim anything and the internet runs with it.

    So that would mean that they are developing P6, P3 remake, and SMT 5 remake (likely). If they would ever fully remake a persona game it would be 4.

  3. Doubt it. They just announced the P3P rerelease not too long ago and it hasn’t even come out yet. No way they’d want to cannibalize sales of it by announcing ANOTHER version of it coming out soon too.

  4. Going to doubt only because their doing the remaster next year… wouldn’t make sense to put out a remaster and THEN a remake.

    I just hope the remaster is a combination of the two different versions. I never played 3 just because I didn’t know which version was best as both offered different changes.

  5. My favorite is when the fanbase gets all excited for baseless rumors and then Atlus just announces some new merch

  6. I would think and hope that such a remake happens AFTER Persona 6. But yes, I do think it is happening at some point. People point to Portable like Atlus hasn’t done shit like that before.

  7. While it would be absolutely amazing and I really wish that Atlus would make a proper remake of Persona 3 with the content from Portable and making the school/dorm/anywhere outside of Tartarus have 3D environments like in FES, I kind of doubt that they will be.


    I think it is more likely that they stick to porting the Portable version with some minor upgrades in textures and bug fixes. Maybe if we are lucky they will make it so you can choose between English and Japanese voices. More than that?

    I don’t want to get my hope up too much. Again.

  8. I mean, we know P3 and P4 were coming as ports. P4G was already definitive, but just needed to expand beyond PSV and PC (which is a certainty now).

    P3, on the other hand, was the one generating questions. Which one would we get? Cause you have Persona 3 FES on PS2, and P3P on PSP. Ideally, a P3 that combines both games’ worth of QoL and features so that we get a truly definitive P3 is the one fans want. But it really comes down to what Atlus wants to put into it.


    If they truly want to give P3 both FES and Portable’s QoL changes and go for a best-of-both-worlds approach, I am all for it. It would certainly be a welcome surprise too, considering Remasters are hitting mixed reviews.

  9. Who knows. I wouldn’t be surprised. Atlus, while becoming one of my favorite gaming companies since playing P4G on Vita years ago, is weird as fuck. Some of the shit they do makes such little sense to me. Like with P5 – people have been asking for it on Switch since it launched. But… They waited, a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but some of the shit they do is so convoluted I think they just throw darts at a board sometimes and see what it lands on.

  10. How do fans of the games generally feel about the combat in these? I used to enjoy JRPGs but I just find the format too long and drawn out these days. I feel like unless something is like Chrono Trigger with a snappy pace, it’s hard for me to justify playing them when what I really want is the story.

  11. I feel like this game has been released so many times by now in some form or the other. It would be nice to see other entries in the series get this kind of love.

  12. Oh come on someone lucky guessing the Persona 3 4 5 ports on Gamepass once is not a leaker

    If I guess a single game from the upcoming PS+ month will you also write an entire article about me?

  13. They ran out of primary colors, the only option is to go back and start again now, a persona with a green or orange color scheme would never work

  14. I’m just sitting here thinking of a way to play smt iv and apocalypse. I wish they would release/remake those for a console/pc release 😔

  15. Story wise P3 is the best Persona game by far. (Including P2 which I also love) It has such a definitive and powerful ending and story twists that actually surprised which is something that persona 4 and 5 were not able to deliver, despite improving the franchises gameplay by miles. A remake of P3 that tightens up Tartarus, polishes the gameplay, AND let’s you play as the femc with newly animated cutscenes is the absolute dream… ((That I still feel will never come true lmao))

  16. Please don’t be true 🙏.

    I really don’t want the 4th version of persona 3 even if people say it’s the “definitive version”. I really want atlus to focus on other titles than the neo persona games like persona 1&2 ports or even remakes, persona q and q2 ports, or even a teaser for persona 6!!!??!??

    I hate being in the minority of fans that will probably be ignored by the fanbase and atlus just because I want something different from 3,4, and 5.