1. That’s sun reflecting off his glasses I think

  2. Can’t believe The Bucks are showing up at Bound For Glory

  3. “can’t wait to see you guys very soon”

    Dirt sheets typing up their stories as we speak.

  4. Dirtsheets: “Bucks starting new promotion. Expect to see them soon!”

  5. Young White Rabbit Bucks

  6. Really hope all 3 are able to return soon. It would be a travesty if Kenny is forced to miss the first Canadian AEW show

  7. What are juvenile cents doin in nxt2.0

  8. i know no one is talking about it, but it would be really great if the elite and punk could put this all behind them and get back to the ring when they can.

    I’m not blaming anyone, and honestly i don’t even care, I just want awesome wrestling

  9. SRS: “Generation Me Wrestling starting up with new billionaire Kony Than, promising not to hire CM Punk.”

  10. So the Bucks are the White Rabbit. I see.

  11. Sounds like they got a month suspension, then.

  12. Honestly, I can’t wait for the Elite to come back. Grand Slam was fun ( I was there ) but it felt like it missed that x-factor without the Bucks + Omega.

  13. “Very soon”

    Well, I hope so.

  14. When they return nick should wear a eyepatch

  15. If nothing It’s gotta be super annoying that they can’t be on TV promoting their new shoes because of this Punk mess.

  16. # VERY SOON

    We have no other information.

    **This is not a drill.**

  17. I just want BTE back 🙁

  18. I see no reason Kenny and the Bucks wouldn’t be back on the 5th. Get the Punk deal done, and pretend the suspension was always going to be until the end of September.

  19. Could they make better looking shoes? Those are horrendous.

  20. which Buck was it that was supposed to have gotten the chair to the face?

  21. Can’t wait! Respect to the roster for holding down the fort and more, but really looking forward to seeing the Elite on TV again

  22. I first became fans of them in 2010 after seeing the main event of PWG Seven which is an absolute classic in my eyes. If one day they end up in WWE I’d probably start watching it regularly

  23. This is such a non-story

  24. My favorite buck

  25. Fuck the haters. The Bucks are already legendary in my book.

  26. I have never been a fan of the Young Bucks as performers, but as regular people and businessmen I have a ton of respect for them. Good to see Matt being humble.

  27. Aren’t The Bucks new sneaks dropping tomorrow?

  28. I miss the old Bucks and Kenny tbh. This over the top goofy shit they’ve been doing has gone on far too long. They’ve always been over the top but it’s way too much for me now.

  29. The Youthful Stags are the white rabbit?!!

  30. I’m assuming they have a month suspension. They were wrong in how they approached Punk but it seems from all the reports of the story, they weren’t going to attack him. So, they get a month suspension and they’re back on TV not this week, but likely the next.

  31. Hardly.

  32. Shows been better without the Elite to be honest

  33. Honestly AEW is better without

  34. Loser. CM PUNK>>>>

  35. #Being the Unemployed

  36. Beyow, bee beyoww

  37. I wonder why Nick hasn’t shown his ~~eye~~ face recently.

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