Asmongold tells Miz to cut Slick and Alinity out of his…

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Asmongold tells Miz to cut Slick and Alinity out of his life, saying they are both liabilities.

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  1. I’m so lost because as far as I remember the alinity train shit never actually got resolved, Train just said she lied and LSF at the time hated her so much it ended there

  2. When Alinity said “leave me out of this”, she actually meant “please broadcast this shit to everyone”

  3. idk about the “alinity is conspiring” shit. she’s shown no interest to pursue the train shit and it’s been like 2 years since miz basically re-platformed her.

  4. Asmon: “I’m impartial. But cut Alinity out of your life because she accused my boy Train of sexual harassment and possibly assault.” What the fuck?

  5. Yeah, just fuck everyone on this call. First no women being talked about are in the call, they are treating sexual assaults like collectable cards to be used at will, and just all this racist bullshit going on with hasan and destiny, and all of them making money off of tips/subs/ads from broadcasting all of this to the world despite some of the women *cough* Alinity *cough* asking them not to.

  6. Can twitch just get rid of everyone who was on that call? Even better, can we put them on an island so we never have to see or hear from them again.

  7. These men are really asking Alinity to provide proof of how Train made her uncomfortable.. it’s literally brain rot at this point… The way Train is so hysterical about this bringing it up while talking about SOMEONE ELSES SA gives me ALL the evidence I need to believe Alinity.. you wouldn’t be crying like a lil bitch boy without some guilt

  8. Yeah, Alinity is a liability for speaking up about the assault, but Miz isn’t a liability for protecting a sexual assaulter and saying f-word and hard R n-word 3 years ago before his channel blew up and he had to change his personna to grow channel.

  9. bro my boy Destiny broke his cardinal rule of not having feelings involved, he was way to involved in how he was analising this giving train way too much benefit of the doubt when the fact was as simple as he doesnt know what happened they are telling him what happened and he didnt want to listen because it didnt align to what he wanted to hear, conclusion they all suck, they all should just go back to streaming because im bored as fuck

  10. Asmon treats his streaming carreer as a business. If it is bad for business or possibly bad for business you cut that (them) off (at least publicly). It is that simple. Honestly it seems like he is the only one that treats streaming like it should be treated.

  11. My opinion of Miz died tonight. My opinion of Asmongold went up a lot. My opinion of Train and xQc went up a good bit. I went from disliking him to now he’s alright in my book. The only silver lining for me is Destiny is getting so much popularity and I think he deserves it.

  12. Oh my, who would have thought that the chick who copyright striked pewdiepie for a joke/steal some money off him, is a liability