Asmon cannot talk about any of the Miz/OTK stuff due to…

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Asmon cannot talk about any of the Miz/OTK stuff due to legal reasons

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  1. I’m sure that whatever third party investigator that they are using would have instantly told them to keep their mouths shut on all of this until it’s over. It’s just best practice.

  2. I feel like people are jumping too many steps ahead. This obviously involves the internal investigation. They will look at everything they can to determine if Mizkif should be removed from the organization. This also includes the 4 year old social media messages that Ice releaked. If they find enough reasons he will then be removed but if they don’t find enough then obviously he will stay. After that if he and the organization feel like there is enough for a defamation case against Train then they will move forward with that because Miz did probably lose out on sponsors from this incident, but that is a long way away. Right now they are probably collecting every piece of information they can and building a timeline of events while telling everyone in the org to remain silent on it.

  3. It’s because they’re doing the investigation they claimed in their statement. You normally hire an outside lawyer to do those.

    And it doubles as a shield to hide behind so you can avoid further comment.

  4. If Mizkif feels like he has a defamation case on hand, yeah they definitely wont be talking about, especially since the Mizkif stuff spilled over into OTK.

    If stuff ends up costing sponsors and income and there were no substance or evidence behind Trains and Adrianas “cover up sexual assault” allegations, then yes they should definitely take legal action.

  5. This is 100% about the allegations about blackmail against Miz since it wasn’t included in his Twitlonger.

    This legal stuff is probably involving Train.

  6. As a note: anyone talking about hypothetical legal ramifications of anything in this situation/who broke what laws or who is guilty of what who is not a lawyer is most likely wrong/missing a ton. The law is incredibly complicated, and without a law school education/legal experience relating to the areas discussed, the people giving out ideas have a huge chance of being wrong.

    TLDR: if you’re not a lawyer, your legal speculation is probably wrong.

    Edit: wondering what might be going on legally is fine, but taking any claims about what is going to happen for certain as truth is a bad idea.

  7. I’m guessing they tried to make Train retract that tweet alleging Miz for “blackmailing and covering up the sexual assaults”. Train refused and OTK filed a lawsuit for slandering and now investigations are on the way.

    That’s why Train tried so hard to stop X into leaking more details when he began talking about “someone tried to make Train delete the tweet”. Because everything said will go “on record” or it can have improper influence on the case.

  8. Standard. He shouldn’t be talking about shit until everything is settled. Even then, only share what you need to.

  9. Honestly, as time passes the real story gets more and more confusing and Trains story seems to be more like a concentrated effort to get miz cancelled

  10. Makes sense. You don’t know what the ultimate outcome is going to be so better wait and plan from there once you have all your ducks in a row.

  11. I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with any kind of defamation case, it’s most likely their lawyers/3rd party that is investigating it all telling them to shut up until they can review everything~

  12. That makes a lot of sense to me. Asmon seems to me like he genuinely cared in his gut reaction. I saw people say he was faking- it would be odd to me to craft a fake narrative to look good and at the same time risk getting banned for wishing someone death. I couldn’t fathom why he wouldn’t talk about the contents of the call, if his opinion is against OTK, but with legal ya.

  13. The more information that comes out it definitely seems Trainwrecks purposely misled people into thinking Mizkif orchestrated a cover-up. It’s starting to sound more and more like Mizkif believed a friend and wasn’t entirely convinced Slick did what he was accused of. He “supposedly” defended Slick in the muted call and soon after Slick made a tweet about how he did not grope the girl while he went missing. Miz probably believed him at the time and really was considering kicking slick out a year ago before having a change of mind because the victim didn’t think it was sexual assault at the time. If Train knowingly made up his story to get brownie points on the internet, then oh boy this one could go to court.

  14. The stuff Alinity just let out about Train is WAY fuckin worse than the stuff Slick was sending to these chicks. All these people are fucked in the head bruh.