1. There was a time when people really didn’t know any better about the developmental effects lead has on children. But today, everyone knows about it and politicians who knowingly cover up the existence or delay the replacement of lead pipes or mishandle dedicated funds should face severe jail sentences.

  2. But they are going to have a totally rad volleyball court at Southern Miss!

  3. Jfc. You just wanna cry at what politicians do to people.

  4. So at what point does the old state government ran by conservative administrations for years get held responsible for willingly letting Jackson’s water system decay into disrepair simply because the Republicans wanted to punish the people of Jackson for disagreeing with them politically? And then when can we acknowledge the relative greater population of black Mississippians in Jackson once again being those who have to deal with the state’s failure to serve and protect their citizenry?

  5. Seems like answers are favre away.

  6. God I hate living here

  7. The state of Mississippi is okay with this and there will be additional corruption when private contractors do ” improvements” in Jackson. Maybe the money will be diverted for a football stadium this time not some small time volleyball action.

    The current Governor does not care because it appears that the previous one had the sticky fingers.

    Somebody somewhere in Mississippi will make money out of while still never addressing the problem which is really how politics and governing is done in that state for what the last 50 or 80 years? I live in Tennessee we only appear mildly competent by comparison but we would absolutely mishandled something similar. The city of Memphis is about to enter some doomsday contract with the TVA for utilities that will jack up prices and reduce accountability. Multiple southern states are not ” govered” in the way a person might reasonably expect but simply arranged as bribery and corruption highways to make the rich friends of those in power richer.

  8. Jackson residents have been left out, left in the lurch, and left holding the bag. It’s painfully obvious that the city, county, and state governmental bodies and agencies could not care less about the situation they allowed to develop.

  9. Might be time to elect a governor that cares about the whole state and not just the places his donors live.

  10. People of Flint have entered the chat…

  11. Talk to the people in Shoshone county Idaho. They went through this with mining, superfund cleanup and lead testing the children

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