As an American, this hurts

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  1. Also, you can get on a train drunk, put your headphones on and read a book or play mobile games and so on.

    You cannot drive a car drunk.

  2. For the top pic: they left off paying for car washes and waxing.

    For the bottom: Insert feigned objections to “BUT you don’t get to OWN anything!!!”

  3. Sure, cars cost money. But I’m surprised no one in this thread is raging at how the government *subsidizes* car ownership in a myriad of ways.

  4. Sometimes I don’t even have to pay. Ticket attendant says good morning and sits down at the front of the car. To and from work. Only cost me a few calories from the bike ride to the station.

  5. I’ve never understood why people think cars are a sign of wealth. They’re a sign of the wealth you **used** to have.

  6. Upfront cost is also way higher, which creates a high barrier to entry. Even if you wanted a car, it’s great to have trains so that you can save up money while taking public transit

  7. Ummm well *actually* in my city I had to pay for the reloadable metro card too, so I’m also out a good $2.50

  8. Actually, the tram in that particular picture is in Luxembourg City, capital of Luxembourg, where all Public transport is 100% free of charge.

  9. Or we could all work from home and pay nothing.

    Edit: referring go the jobs that are able to go remote.

  10. I’ve made it 12 years with no car in the US, and while it does have major disadvantages bc of our obsession with traveling by car, I can’t help but focus on how much money I can save without one.

  11. Ahem. Also: pay your damn taxes.

    I know this is traumatizing for Americans, but: **taxes are good, actually** (in democracies).

  12. This tram is in Luxembourg where public transit is free across the whole country. So in fact, don’t pay to get on

  13. Yes and no, really. Public transport is amazing in many countries around the world, but no you don’t just pay to get on. A lot of public transport companies operate with subsidized money coming from governments (local or national), so basically people’s money.

    I am a huge fan of out local transport here in Milan, but no, it does not operate just on fares / tickets alone, and likewise many others.

  14. Assuming you live in a place that has public transit, you could have saved all that money or you could have taken a bike.