Apple Expected to Move 25% of All iPhone Production to India…

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Apple Expected to Move 25% of All iPhone Production to India by 2025

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  1. This is not surprising. Not only has China gotten a lot more expensive, their 0 Covid policy has really taken its toll. Need parts in 12 weeks, sorry, 5 mandatory shut downs for 6 of them.

    It’s impossible to reliably get parts out of China currently.

  2. chinese people becoming to expensive and the covid lockdowns give them to excuse to move factory.

    this has been ongoing trend for years now even before covid happend. As the chinese people get better condition they will need new people to exploit so India is the next big target

  3. Only 25%? Considering the turmoil in China and our relationship with them that’s surprisingly low. Recently the US has banned sales of the highest in chips to China as well as airframes. The writing is on the wall, get your business out of China.

  4. The manufacturing is mostly done by the same companies as in china- Foxconn, wistron. quality is not an issue.

    Apple is just mitigating risks in case china invades taiwan.

    They can quickly ramp up these facilities to produce more if the need arises

  5. “iPhone production” is likely the wrong way to phrase this. Likely it is more “final iPhone assembly”. The parts are produced all over world, sub assembled largely in china and final assembly mostly in china. They are trying to move that final assembly in part to India.

    This likely will provide cover for Taiwan invasion as sanctions would hit delivery of final product from china but not India and India won’t care about china invading Taiwan so they can still receive parts from china.

  6. Lol it’s because India has an import tax on electronics. How do you avoid it? You set up production in India.

    Where is the currently biggest middle class emerging? India.

  7. Maybe the answer is to do the same to them? If American companies are going to take away American jobs they should then face the same kind of tariffs from us, they’re trying to avoid.

  8. Fresh labour to exploit

    Edit: India is just recently jumping into the broken system that is capitalism while the west is at the tail end of seeing how capitalism fails everyone except a few wealthy and powerful individuals. It’s like that joke of a person from a middle eastern country saying “look at this latest Micheal Jackson cassette I have purchased! It goes well with my TAB drink and Jazzercise tapes in 2009 yes?!” Only it’s capitalism.

  9. Quick question, if someone can help, my parents run a secondary packaging plant in India. We produce corrugated boxes. With production moving to India, there’ll definitely be future requirement of packing boxes. How does one go about tapping this new market then

  10. Why not a western country? Why not 100%? Are they actually removing production from China or do they just expect to make 25% more devices?

  11. Samsung/Android for life. I will never own an Apple device. I will purposely go out of my way even if it is more inconvenient for me to never support Apple.

  12. U can hear the apple support phones ringing now ..

    Hello, good day, how are you today.

    Please tell me problem with device and I will revert on the same, parallelaly I will be logging a ticked also on the same

  13. India arguably has a better educated population and do a lot of engineering for high end chips and technology, but have had challenges in getting manufacturing going as compared to China. Totalitarian communist states are better at forcing change, but India will be the outright winner in the long run. Democracy will win even more as china clamps down and becomes less open to the rest of the world.

    This is apple hedging their bets in case china implodes, doesn’t matter who owns the factory if its not in China.

    A loss for China is a win for India.

  14. They sell one of the most expensive objects people will buy and after all the pitfalls that have been exposed with having everything made overseas, their reaction is to move from China to India instead of bringing it back to north America. Hope they get burned

  15. Better than China, but given India’s support for Russia, better to find a different country or use robotic manufacture in the US.

  16. You should see how this concept is sold to Indians- It’s a celebration and the government takes a pat on the back for “creating jobs” while in reality it’s pure exploitation. Living in India is becoming as expensive as the west but income has not gone up in decades. The minimum wage here is less than $1 a day but housing costs have sky rocketed. Heck, even highly skilled people live in terrible conditions because the pay is so low. But people are celebrating and welcoming shit like this. It’s insane!