1. I doubt it’s just me, but phones don’t seem to change that much across newer generation models anymore. I don’t see how owning an iPhone 12, 13, or 14 will be any different in my everyday life

  2. unstable economic outlook , higher prices and incremental changes over previous gen are the main reasons

  3. I wanted another mini.

  4. > Demand for higher-priced iPhone 14 Pro models is stronger than for the entry-level versions, according to some of the people. In at least one case, an Apple supplier is shifting production capacity from lower-priced iPhones to premium models, they added.

    Misleading title and people wrongly assume that this is due to the current economy. In reality the Pros are selling more and the non-Pros are selling less

  5. I used to buy an iPhone every other cycle and now I’m waiting for the 15 while having a 12 pro max currently. I can imagine I’m not the only one.

  6. “Apple is decreasing that rate at which it increases the rate of iPhone production”…

    Damn, someone is getting very desperate for clickbait Apple headlines…

  7. I get the best phone I can every 5-6 years I just upgraded to the 14 pro max from iPhone 10 and I’m fucking stoked.
    Previous phone to the 10 was the iPhone 4, which I queued for in Chiswick London, I remember every phone I bought and when. What a wanker I am – admit it.

  8. Yeah – rocking my hand me down 8. So many people I know with iPhones and I have been gifted hand me downs since buying my iPhone 4.

    I can’t imagine needing more than what I have on the 8.

    Run it til the wheels fall off. I despise planned obsolescence, and so I can repair this thing until it stops like my 6 plus when the WiFi piece finally gave out after dropping it for the billionth time.

    That thing went through 6 replacement screens and 3 batteries all installed by myself with the help of iFixit.

  9. If anyone wants to read the full article use https://12ft.io to remove the paywall

  10. When you try to pitch some weird bar as the main “feature” it just doesn’t move the needle

  11. This just in: No one wants to spend $1500 on something that is both A) an incremental upgrade at best, and B) likely to be worthless in 12 months.

    And I say this as a hardcore Apple user. Just don’t see any reason to buy this years phone, and I’m in pretty severe need of an upgrade.

  12. Another mini would be nice.

    But I’m holding out for type c.

  13. Complete FUD. Bloomberg does this every quarter prior to earnings.

  14. iPhone 11 Pro user since 2020. used to have android before. This phone is the first phone Ive wanted to keep because it’s so stable. My wife has a 12 but apart from design it’s the same experience. No need to change for me. I’ll change at some point but absolutely not yet. It’s a great phone.

  15. I mean, the higher the price, the less amount of people able to afford / want it exists

  16. Imagine if Sony and XBox released new consoles every damn year the way phone companies do — and the consoles were always more than $1000. Pretty sure people would start waking up to the fact that there is only so many changes one can make to a system in the space of two years to make it worth buying a new one.
    It would be awesome if these companies released phones designed to last for years and then like … waited five or six years before releasing a new one, thereby giving people a reason to give a fuck about a new model.

  17. 12 mini, I chose it specifically for single handing. I hate the huge phones, and will stay with this one until it’s destroyed or Apple decides to fuck me somehow.
    Which they always do.

  18. Was really hoping to get usb-c on iPhone 14 this is me being a long time Android user. Guess I have to wait another year before getting my first iPhone. There’s no way I’m using lightning cable.

  19. I think people are sick of price grab from apple with incremental price increases

  20. Maybe o maybe they shouldn’t have made it so insanely priced in there second market of europe

  21. Been using apple, but I kind of really want on of them new folding screen flip phones!

  22. Carriers are tricking people into multi year trade in deals so I’m sure that stopped a lot of people from upgrading.

  23. Didn’t we had article last week that Pro is selling like hot cakes and that they are shifting production to follow up with the demand?

  24. iPhones are a luxury product as well. I wouldn’t be surprise to hear that in the current economic climate that people who need a new phone will gravitate to a cheaper option.

    I also don’t understand the need to have a new iteration every year; doesn’t that erode the brand value?

  25. I still have the XR. I don’t know where these companies think everyone is getting this extra 800-1000$ to just buy a new phone when we can barley buy what we need.

  26. Things I’m going to need before I buy a new non-SE iPhone

    1. TouchID
    2. USB-C
    3. 3D Touch (optional)

    Till then I’ll be using the ones I have for 4-5 years and only buy 2nd hand. I have no use for more than 1 camera on the back, so that’s not really a feature I care for.

  27. I’m still sitting here with a perfectly fine SE 2nd gen, honestly anything X and up is completey uninteresting to me, and I can imagine I’m not the only one.

  28. In fairness, they’re pretty much selling old stock from last year.

    But yeah, I’m on Android and similarly don’t see much reason to upgrade. I’m on a three year old phone and I never feel it’s lacking in any way. Even the battery is still solid as it’s a phone that came with a large battery.

    I might upgrade to a foldable, but I honestly wouldn’t see a reason to upgrade if it was just to another regular Android slab.

  29. I feel like this is misleading as the pro models are having no problem selling out

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