Appeals court rules DOJ can regain access to sensitive…

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Appeals court rules DOJ can regain access to sensitive documents seized in Trump search

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  1. It took less than 1 day to respond. I mean this wasn’t a tough call and anything other than this would have been a terminal blow to the US judicial system at this point.

  2. Its times like this i wander over to r/conservative to see what their take on things like this is.

    Basically deep state and a political witch hunt in various proportions.

  3. Never forget how many republicans fell in line like sheep and INSTANTLY took the view that a FORMER president has complete and comprehensive retroactive declassification powers even when providing ZERO evidence. Would they be okay with Obama sharing nuclear secrets with Iran? No, then I don’t care what sound the gas makes as it comes blowing out of their windbags. I think we need to stop trying to reason with these people. There’s no point, Obama is a Muslim, the Earth is either 6,000 years old and / or flat, 9/11 was an inside job. China intentionally spread covid to the rest of the world, via infecting themselves first. Anthony Fauci was in on it. Ukraine started the war with Russia. The Jewish president of Ukraine is in fact, a Nazi. Tucker Carlsen / Tulsi Gabbard somehow aren’t Russian agents even though they share all the same views and goals. How much more empirical evidence do we really need to see to believe that these wanna be cult member sheep people are not and will never be amenable to reason. It’s unfortunate that their votes and their voices continue to adversely affect our prosperity as a country, the health of our planet, and the future of our democracy, but lets not be under the delusion that we can convince them if we pick the right argument. Quit wasting your breath, stop worrying so much about what they think. Eventually, the world will move on without them, and we’ll all be better off for it.

  4. Even Judge Cannon knew this was coming. She made that ruling to let Republicans in the Senate know that if they ever advance her to an Appeals Court, she’s in the bag for them.

  5. Ironically, the Special Master probably would have made the same conclusion (and still might as a matter of redundancy).

  6. Two of the appeals court judges were appointed by Trump, so expect to start hearing Truth Social members complaining that Mitch McConnell and the Federalist Society are Super Secret RINOs who set all this up to stymie Trump.

  7. The fact that federal law enforcement officers couldn’t review documents they legally seized during a search warrant is astonishing. If anyone needed more evidence that the laws don’t apply to the wealthy in our country, look no further

  8. >The former president, the judges continued, “has not even attempted to show that he has a need to know the information contained in the classified documents.

    Access = clearance + need to know

    Trump hasn’t a need to know therefore he shouldn’t have access…

    Neither Trump nor his lawyers nor the special master can have access to these documents.

  9. On to the next delaying tactic. I wager Trump’s lawyers will try to finagle this case to the Supreme Court.

  10. Republicans like to complain that Democrats are wasting time and money with these investigations, yet never being up how Trump’s impediments and delays are the larger time/money waste. If he had cooperated with authorities, like the right’s go-to phrase is for anything related to the law, then the investigations would be quick.

  11. put up or shut up.

    i like it.

    the law is being applied correctly, and trump can only stall a little bit.

    he’s boned, and he knows it.

  12. Good. Get the goddamn ball rolling. How long is this fool going to walk free for lazily harboring and likely sharing STATE SECRETS?!?!

  13. trump counted on a legal delay of at least half a year, but it was so obvious Cannon was sucking small fingers, they only needed one day to determine it was bullshit. Now get president cartman arrested asap.

  14. I just wonder what the hell he was expecting when he refused the orders of the special master he asked for. “Oh, I’m sorry, my king, please take back the presidency and also here’s 1 billion dollars and a puppy paid for by taxpayers!”

    This guy has no idea how shit works and I would have honestly stopped paying attention were it not so hilarious.