AP report on slain North Dakota teen omits alleged assailant…

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AP report on slain North Dakota teen omits alleged assailant thought victim was ‘Republican extremist’

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  1. Joe Biden and Tim Ryan called for violence against conservatives. Shannon Brandt delivered for them. Just like at the Republican baseball game a couple of years ago.

  2. They locked Kyle Rittenhouse up for how long for defending himself. This guy intentionally murdered a young kid and is out in hours

  3. Even if the kid was, which he wasn’t, that’s what law enforcement is for. I can’t even imagine the attention this would garnish if the driver was a Republican and the victim was Antifa / liberal.

  4. CNN called it a political disagreement in the headline, then halfway through the article mentioned that the killer called the victim a “Republican extremist” in a way that, if you weren’t reading carefully, didn’t make it obvious that it was the killer alleging it. Not to mention they posted the story at like 4 AM. If ever there was a time to extend an olive branch, it would have been then. Instead they’re trying to provide justification for a murderer.

  5. Just because they don’t editorialize against the Right doesn’t mean they aren’t biased. They pick and choose which facts to report.

  6. Even if he was an “extremist” (whatever that is) in his views this is supposed to be a free country with freedom of speech. Biden has incited murder.

  7. In my opinion, MSM reports many more HALF TRUTHS than outright lies…. though I wouldn’t venture a guess as to the ratio.

  8. This makes absolutely zero sense. For one thing, it’s North Dakota. Second, it’s small town North Dakota. There’s only like 20 liberals in the whole state