Anyone else really want to return to Illium at some point?

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+390 – Anyone else really want to return to Illium at some point?

2022-08-05 14:14:11

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  1. Nos Astra. Very pretty city. Probably where they went heaviest on the whole neon space-noir thing too.

    Wouldn’t mind returning but would prefer more so to see something like peacetime Thessia.

  2. Nos Astra is probably my favorite location in the entire trilogy – a glitzy urban sprawl with a slimy corporate underbelly. It’s so wonderfully cyberpunk and I eat it up every time I stop there during ME2.

  3. I wanted a open world Mass Effect post Reaper on different world sandboxes.

    Lots of street levels we didn’t touch; particularly the repaired Citadel.

  4. Wouldn’t mind a small scale mass effect game set in a place like Illium or citadel. Doesn’t have to be a rpg, you could play as law enforcement or something similar, maybe even a spectre who’s on a mission. Honestly think mass effect would benefit with a game having a smaller scope,which would allow them to focus more on the world and the characters.

  5. Illium is such a beautiful world, I would’ve loved to see more of it. It’s like Asari, but the wild version.