Another 6 Gepard SPAAGs arrived in Ukraine from Germany

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Another 6 Gepard SPAAGs arrived in Ukraine from Germany

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652 shares, 847 points


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  1. I have no idea how good they are relative to other gear out there, but they look totally badass, probably the nastiest looking piece of gear on this battlefield.

  2. That’s another 60 Gepard’s Russia will be able to announce they’ve destroyed!

    Amazing work, Russia!

    (but, yeah, good job Germany! 🙂

  3. So that would be all 30 now that have been announced. Overall a little bit later than first anticipated (15 end of July and 15 end of August), but still very much within the scope of what was to be expected with it beeing a systeme out of serviece for a while that also has a reputation of beeing complicated.

  4. I am getting tired of hearing about “six” APCs or “eight” HIMARS. Why isn’t the west sending hundreds of these vehicles at a time?

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  6. Anyone know how these would do vs smaller recon drones? Seems like a squirt of a few rounds is better AA denial than fancy guided missiles, but at what range can these put rounds on a small target?