An Iranian is encouraging protestors to take after…

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An Iranian is encouraging protestors to take after Ukrainians and use Molotovs against the Putin-allied regime. Let freedom ring.🇺🇦 🇮🇷

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  1. I think effectiveness of Molotov cocktails at Maidan might be even better argument in favour of using them now. That’s the best option for civilian protesters facing armed police. It really changed the course of events in many ways and they call it winter on fire for a reason after all. Anyway, the best of luck to Iranians and I hope they succeed.

  2. That jogged my memory back to the start of this war. I think I only see 1 video of a Molotov, I’m sure more will come out once this is all over

  3. And if Iran becomes a democracy all that juicy oil into the market, oh yeah, it’s a win win for Iran and the west, do the funy Iranians plis

  4. mmm, it would be nice to see something grow akin to the Arab spring, but all the countries oppressed by Russia all rising at once. China would be a cherry on top if its people rose up too… what a scenario that would be… one can hope eh.

  5. Dude Persians are some of the greatest people I’ve met. Here in Los Angeles we have a really big population of them and my neighbors at work run a welding shop and they’re the nicest people and most generous too….

    I hope their government takes a dump so we can welcome them into the free world.