1. What the fuck is Lester doing!? Get back to planning the heist. /s

  2. This is literally what some of our modmail looks like when we ban transphobes from our community lol

  3. Unrealistic, he probably is alrady oppressed for being an atheist

  4. see alos-

    trans person: *exists*


  5. But.. my freedom of spech!!

  6. Didn’t this happen in one of the anime subs? A ton of people got super angry you could no longer use >!tra!<p. Like, it spilled over into other subs because suddenly a slur was no longer allowed.

  7. Oh fuck is r/traa mainstream enough to get crossposted places?

    _sniffs_ this is true acceptance

  8. Jordan Peterson moment

  9. Graham Linehan be like

  10. In the last frame, he looks like the king of all neckbeards, Steve Bannon…just needs more bloodshot in the eyes.

  11. I thought it said tranies like who the fuck is Lester but 5 years later training??

  12. Chaser are a trans incel

  13. ye pretty much

  14. Next you’re gonna say Grannies is offensive to old people /s

  15. lol since when is blatant strawman hyperbole “an accurate description”

    This is literally the same as the stupid newspaper parody comics.

  16. Titles rather inaccurate.

  17. So a lot of this sub is just projection huh?

  18. The more i see these posts the more i start to think that you guys are being unironic, but hey, maybe i’m wrong (i really hope so)

  19. He’s fat and balding, he must be an incel… I guess body shaming is okay now

  20. being censored is the issue, y’all miss the point

  21. ah I see the invasion has begun

  22. obvi the neckbeard in the pick is in the wrong here but that’s not what cisphobia is. there are literally people out there who just have a weird hatred for cis people, white people, straight people, etc. because they feel they’re privileged. let’s get real here.

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