Amy Cooper, “Central Park Karen,” loses lawsuit claiming she…

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Amy Cooper, “Central Park Karen,” loses lawsuit claiming she was unjustly fired

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  1. I’m way out of the loop on this. Watched the video just now and the way she is hanging her obviously choking and anxious dog makes me mad as hell.

  2. Lol. The irony of karen claiming discrimination.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Cooper is living his best life with a bird watching show soon to debut on tv. I hope it’s a success!

  3. Good. Cooper claimed discrimination with no hint of irony.

    >Cooper herself described her own incident as “international news as a racial flashpoint.”

    May she have a good long time to think about how she tried to get cops to murder an innocent black man.

  4. Is this the central park racist Amy Cooper?

    The one who wouldn’t put her dog on a leash and threatened to call the cops on a black man?

    It is that Amy Cooper the racist?

  5. Unless you’re under a specific contract, you can be fired for any reason or no reason. It’s nearly impossible to prove wrongful termination.

  6. That the judge had to make a seven page reply is weird.

    The judge should have been able to just say “Lady you are fucking nuts. Case dismissed.”

  7. > In the lawsuit, Cooper had claimed that Franklin Templeton had treated her differently than three male employees who had engaged in misconduct ranging from insider trading to domestic violence.

    Okay, while those things may be bad, especially the domestic violence, I’m going to take a guess and say that those people and acts weren’t spread around to the public on a large scale. Let’s face it Cooper was fired mostly because this event went so viral, if she had instead being racist in her own home or to her neighbor and the company found out about it, it’s likely nothing would have happened.

    The reason she was fired was to protect the company’s image, not so much because of what she did. So no, gender had nothing to do with it.

    >”The incident received heightened media and public scrutiny, in particular, because it took place ‘in the midst of a national reckoning about systemic racism,'” the judge wrote, noting that Cooper’s incident occurred on the same day as George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis.

    Oh damn, I didn’t realize that, that’s even more messed up consider what this woman did was try to use the police powers to punish this man for merely existing and daring to speak to her.

  8. Wait they work in investments and somehow racism is a fireable offense but the federal crime of insider trading isn’t. actually causing physical harm to someone also isn’t.

    I’d love to know why the dudes weren’t fired.

  9. All she had to do after the incident was to admit what happened was wrong and she was scared. After she was fired all she needed to do was go and get a different job. Yes this would’ve all been hard but still possible to get your life back on track. Instead she’s double down and keeps making it worse for her. If she had any sense at all she would fade from the media and move on. Sadly my prediction is that this will continue to spiral out of control for her.