American moment…😐

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American moment…😐 from fuckcars

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  1. It doesn’t end. This is the climbing portion. Just climb across the fence to continue your journey.

  2. To be fair, we have these spots here, too. But mostly in industrial estates and where a city street becomes a rural road.

  3. There’s a bylaw in my city that says you shouldn’t ride bikes on the sidewalk, but since nobody uses them anyway, i do because riding next to cars is 💀

  4. I’ve seen people walking along the shoulder of some roads and highways because there’s no sidewalks

  5. In britain if a right of way exists it is exceptionally difficult to remove and it shocks me America has no such thing where a person has legal right to walk somewhere. Especially since freedom of movement was something the founding fathers were big on

  6. Paris is cool but I think it needs more parking lots everywhere and maybe like a 6 lane freeway right through the core of the city

  7. I wish the US was more walkable. I used to walk 8 or 12 miles most days when I was living and working in the city. That city wasn’t even very walking friendly.

  8. My little town built a “study sidewalk” to determine local need for sidewalks to be built/maintained in town, the logic being “we’ll see how many people use this sidewalk and if they do we’ll make more”

    Except the sidewalk they built was just a single stretch of pavement along the highway, not connected to anything. Nobody used it because it was the most inaccessible sidewalk I’ve ever seen.

    Then they used that to justify not building more.

  9. As an American, when I lived in England there was no freedom in the US like being able to step out the front door and walking down the lane a little and having unrestricted access to endless miles of English countryside and not having to worry about someone calling the police or pulling a gun on me for being on “their” property.

  10. We just pay all our money in taxes so they can use it to only build unsustainable car infrastructure that extorts us into spending all of our money plus debt on a car, repairs, maintenance, gas, insurance, etc otherwise we can’t travel to things that we need to travel to in order to function in society 🙃 . . . they won’t even build sidewalks on a lot of roads

  11. There are plenty of these in the UK. I live in a large town and can think of a handful of them off the top of my head.

    Also stayed in a small town, maybe village that had basically no pavement anywhere. That was weird.

  12. I find this infuriating because… this is a fucking suburban area, why wouldn’t it be completed?!

  13. You’ve reached the end of the free trial for SideWalk, pay your taxes and just maybe we’ll see improved infrastructure for SideWalk 2.

    ^SideWalk ^is ^owned ^by ^AutoMobiles.

  14. Happened to me too while walking in the suburbs outside of Amsterdam, so I don’t think it’s exclusive to America..

  15. In San Diego this was all over the place. Just absolutely infuriating and insane. Needless to say, I moved back to Canada ASAP.

    Living in San Diego felt like I was living in uncanny valley city; like an AI designed the city by looking at what cities “look like” and then just sort of throwing a couple of sidewalks around without having an intended purpose

  16. > you’re European and used to walk everywhere

    Not just “European”. 95% of people in world walk around.