Alpha male chimp beats back desperate mother with her own…

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Alpha male chimp beats back desperate mother with her own baby, before killing and eating it. from natureismetal

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  1. Was watching discovery channel years ago like 2008 ish (back when it wasn’t quite yet just pawn stars and some shitty car shows) and it told about a lady in africa who had baby/child stolen by a chimp right from her never to be seen again . Couldn’t imagine knowing a chimpanzee or any animal ate your child alive

  2. Chimps are such savages ! Everytime I see a chimp, I’m reminded about that horrifying attack, where it ripped the women’s face with it’s bare hands. Though in that case Travis the chimp, was hallucinating cause of Xanax.

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  3. Happens frequently, alpha males will kill the offspring of competing males. Swinging it at the mother and then cannibalizing it was kinda just the bacon bits on the salad.

  4. Who the fuck go pro’d in the middle of a murderous chimp rampage? Give them 50 years and they’ll be chasing us down with fucking nets from horseback.

  5. Anyone knows what is the reason behind this behaviour? I know chimps are metal and eat other monkeys. But knowing that the behaviour is still strange.

    I’d guess it’s like when lions kill the cobs to have sex with the mom

  6. I think this attack is part of a larger one that BBC did on one of the most coordinated attacks they’ve ever caught on film from a particular group of chimpanzees that were trying to push out another group from their territory. I’m pretty sure there is like a 15 to 20 minute clip of there that shows their pack hunting tactics where they literally chase smaller monkeys. They form a wedge with a couple on the side in the trees and a couple pushers forming the bottom of a V shape while the others run along the ground to get ahead and wait in ambush as they collapse the wedge and eventually catch the monkeys. If I remember correctly this documentary also showed them launching an all out offensive attack on a neighboring group of chimps. Straight up war. It was extremely violent and graphic. I think this was back in like 2005 to 2008 that it came out. I could be wrong, but I think that this footage is just a fraction of that segment.

  7. These things are beyond evil, you can’t change my mind.
    They are too much like us.
    And that scares the fuck out of me

  8. A bit of an unpopular opinion, but the influence of the camera crew may have had a hand in this savagery.

    The alpha chimp, jealous of the attention that the camera crew was now giving the baby chimp, retaliates in a way that only an animal knows how.

    I have no evidence or research to support this, only years of watching nature documentaries lol

  9. Knowing how emotional and social the animals are, this is especially unnerving. These creatures feel emotions very similar to our own. Imagine seeing this happen to your own child.

  10. That’s not an alpha male. The whole “alpha male” mentality is a complete misunderstanding of the research, in apes or wolves.

  11. If you don’t think chimps will steal babies and eat them, you haven’t been paying attention to the literature.