Albon exclusive: Red Bull book as good as closed despite…

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Albon exclusive: Red Bull book as good as closed despite talks with Marko

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  1. Translation:

    Alexander Albon is still affiliated with Red Bull on paper, although he has signed a multi-year deal with Williams. His future also lies with the latter team, even though the door to the Austrian stable is almost completely closed, he explains in an exclusive interview with RacingNews365.

    After short-lived adventures at Toro Rosso and Red Bull , Alexander Albon’s Formula 1 adventure seemed to come to a halt. For a year, the Thai-British driver had to watch from the sidelines as he competed in the DTM class and performed simulator work for the Austrian team. However, the top team did not give up hope in Albon and looked for a new seat in F1 for him.

    This seat was already found after one gap year at Williams , where Albon immediately established himself as the unofficial number one of the team. Not much later this was rewarded with a multi-year contract, slowly severing ties with Red Bull. In an exclusive interview with RacingNews365 , Albon is open about the talks with his former employer, although he believes his future lies with Williams.

    On his helmet, however, the Red Bull logo still features prominently on the front. Will this change in 2023? “Red Bull has several ‘arms’. You have the racing side, but of course the energy drinks, whatever. They’ve helped me from the beginning of my career and of course I like it that way, but of course I’m already sort of separated from the whole family,” Albon kicks off the conversation.

    “At least from the Formula 1 and motorsport side. We will definitely talk about it and of course I still have that logo on my helmet, but we will see.” In any case, the new contract with Williams means that he will not return to his previous employer in the coming years. Both parties don’t mind: “That’s how contracts work, after all.”

    “We signed the deal with Williams this year and Red Bull is still involved in my career at the moment, but next year that part will be pretty much over. To be honest, not much will change. Also in this year I’m really just focused on Williams. And no, of course I didn’t do any simulator work for Williams. They will probably also be busy winning the world titles,” laughs the 26-year-old driver.

    How Verstappen in particular benefits from the significantly slimmed down Red Bull carAlbon still regularly talks with Marko and Horner

    During the Formula 1 season, Albon is in fact a competitor of Red Bull and AlphaTauri. He says he still has conversations with the prominent people of the Austrian racing stable, although according to him this is of course not about substantive matters at Williams. The conversations with, for example, Helmut Marko are certainly not hostile.”I think people will be quite surprised about that,” says Albon, referring to Marko’s interest in the former Red Bull driver. “He has very good relationships with all the drivers he’s worked with and he’s always interested in how I feel this year and all that sort of thing. Although of course he’s a little less involved this year than in previous years.”

    “However, we still talk regularly and the same goes for Christian (Horner, team principal of Red Bull, ed.). We have a good relationship with everyone and we just get along well. So it is very nice, although the conversations are now a bit more superficial and not really Red Bull related.”

    Albon is at peace with leaving the Red Bull adventure behind. He knew this relatively early on with the announcement and extension of Sergio Perez as Max Verstappen ‘s teammate . “That was announced quite early, actually before there were any talks on this subject. Of course there are opportunities everywhere within the paddock.””But there are no more conversations about that. They are just superficial conversations,” concludes the Williams driver.

  2. I still remember the times of 2020 very clearly when every other post about Albon had moreover the same comments. Algone. Then he was gone. And then he came back and now everyone’s a fan again.

  3. After Vettel’s Instagram adventure out of the blue, never say never in F1.

    Look out for a 1 post TikTok account from Max next season 🙂

  4. Hey at least Albon realized he probably doesn’t get another shot at the main team. Unlike Gasly who probably only gave up after Checo’s extension till 2024.

  5. Albon seems so at peace knowing that he had no business with RBR (who knows the future), while Gasly always seemed like he was hurt about not being with Max. As the random fan I am, i think it will be interesting to see how this difference in mentalities develops in the next years.

  6. Sergio’s better, and he knows his role in the team. Makes no sense to get rid of him till his performance starts to get a lot worse.

  7. If Red Bull’s majority owner Chalerm Yoovidhya (represented on Albon’s helmet through Chalerm’s personal Monsoon Valley winery) wants Albon in RBR, Helmut Marko can kick and scream, he simply has no say when big boss overrules him.