AIPAC secretly spent over $350,000 trying to stop Ilhan Omar…

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AIPAC secretly spent over $350,000 trying to stop Ilhan Omar from being reelected

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732 shares, 855 points


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  1. This is the worst of all the results of Shittizens United & its sequels passing through the Supreme Court. A foreign lobby can now attempt to buy elections. They were unsuccessful here, but unfortunately got away with it in many other primaries.

  2. We have the best Congress money can buy!

    Never understood why Bin Laden attacked the US to get it to change its foreign policy when for half the cash he could have bought enough congressmen to accomplish his goal.

    AIPAC is so powerful that both Democrats and Republicans show up to their annual conference in identical numbers.

    Anyone surprised the US does the bidding of the Israeli government even when those actions are contrary to US interests?

  3. AIPAC targeted me as someone likely to be influential when I was literally 20 years old. They sent a lobbyist style person to offer me favors when I was 21. They go deep.