1. Different tail heart animations depending on the direction she casts charm is a really cool detail
    Hope they keep this up and start to go through the roster faster than 1 per year

  2. I’m in love with what they’ve shown so far, the E animation especially.

  3. Looks amazing. Can miss charms being even prettier. Good to be Ahri main. I am just sad for other people who are going to wait years for their champion ASU (there are a lot in need of it already let’s be honest) considering the pace they have right now with ASUS

  4. This is all well and good, but Riots ‘ONE AT A TIME’ mentality is going to take 50 years to get the current roster of champs that need ASU’s done.

  5. At this rate it’ll take years to get to the peeps begging for an ASU. Especially since they’re probably gonna do the champs with 20 skins first. Didn’t they say we’d be getting more than one of these a year?

  6. Shes so floaty. Girl is made of helium.

  7. Really overdue given Ahri’s popularity and revenue generated lol.

    Looks really good and especially the tails have gone from embarrassing PS2 models to looking really fluffy, especially love the idle animation with her stroking them

  8. Now I need a noodle champ.

  9. I wished that they would stop releasing New champions and give the old champions some more Love.

  10. Always love seeing the dev blogs on posts like this and the Ahri one is especially nice considering how popular she is in-game.

    I wonder if Riot would consider releasing a special skin everytime there is a ASU/VGU (not one of those “traditional” skins) for purchase. Only reason I suggest it is so maybe we could have more resources towards modernizing certain champs!

  11. Woww what a huge blog entry. So much work must have gone into the blog alone. I love what they did with the tails. Insane the Charm now has 4 animations, depending on where you look on the map. Sounds like a LOT of extra work for future skins, though. But you can see how much passion is in there, for them to go the extra mile for such a detail.

  12. I just want to know how will her Midnight Ahriversary chroma look

  13. The tails forming a heart for the charm is a genius idea and looks really good

  14. I know that updating a more modern champion like Ahri over more outdated champions is a bit controversial, but it does make sense when you consider how popular she is.

    She gets a lot of skins, and she will probably continue getting a lot of skins, so with every skin they release for her it just adds one extra thing to update for when she eventually gets her ASU. Better to bite the bullet and get it overwith now.

    With this in mind, I fully expect someone like Lux to come next

  15. We Ahri mains are eating well.

  16. I’m more hyped for this than actual new champ releases tbh. They really should just focus on this which would make the whole game seem fresher but ofc money blah blah.

    If you really think about it, it’s the equivalent of having a room where one side is filled with dust, dirt and mold. But the other half of the room is filled with clean, shiny gold and chrome stuff. No matter how much more shiny shit you add (new champs) the whole room is still going to look awful because you don’t clean out the other dirty half (outdated and older champs). If you were to clean out the dirty half then you’d have an overall cleaner room and wouldn’t have to worry about that part anymore so you could put full focus on adding more shiny stuff with less workload.

    But again, money. Sadly.

  17. At this rate we will get a Kayn ASU before Zilean.

    I won’t mind having more than 3 ASUs per year instead of more generic and shitty skinlines like “Zenith games” or something mecha/cyberpunk/anime.

  18. Let me guess, the next one will be Lux and it’ll take TWO years for them to finish her ASU. Joking aside, they really need to do more ASU than one at a time.

  19. i want to pet her tails so bad

  20. Are her splash arts changing?

  21. Lore skin for Ahri?!

    Yes please

  22. I really love what Riot has done so far, AMAZING job.

    There is one thing that I would like slight changes though:

    * When Ahri throws out her Q on several targets, it sounds like you take a piece of wave-shaped metal sheets and throw a handfull of metal screws from the next DIY-Store on it and let them tumble down. (This applies to when it hits several targets)

    I dont know how this sounds in the “real gameplay enviornment” of course, but it catched me pretty off-guard.
    I think softening that (expecially the true-damage section) would make it sound a bit more harmonic and less “metallic”.

    Please take this as constructive criticism. Apart from that I absolutely love the work by everyone involved.

    Quick question though: Why did Ahri optain new Icons but Caitlynn did not?

  23. Everything looks awesome, excited to try it out. Tails look 100x better. My only complaint is the Q sound on the way out is much less satisfying. No distinguishable bonks for the individuals. On the way back it sounded good though.

  24. Really hard to give a fuck when they are doing less than one of these a year.

  25. Looks amazing

    I never liked playing Ahri because she always felt very stiff. Now this looks insane

  26. Looks amazing, but hopefully they change the flying dildo icon for R

  27. They should ASU lee sin

  28. Interesting they used the Wild Rift design for foxfire: is that the first design to come to PC from Wild Rift?

  29. Alright looks much more fluid and that’s all I care about

  30. Couldn’t be more excited!!!

  31. In the before and after for Q, the BEFORE Q when it hits a target, ther e is a sound and a glow, the AFTER Q doesn’t have that glow (on the minion).

  32. I know it won’t be for a while since he would likely never sell well, but I hope they do Zilean eventually. His gameplay is great but he’s just so ugly 🙁

  33. again with the sharp noises, i’m so over it at this point, gonna have to turn in-game audio off eventually lmao

  34. Question: what was “Ahri_Base_R_Tumblekick_tar_02” all about?

  35. what are people’s thoughts on the new charm vfx? personally the 3d heart seems weird to me, but I could see it growing on me over time.

  36. still ice corki has less details than udyr’s foot

  37. I bet those worked on her tails rig and animation are proud and fuck, as they should be. A new standard to be made

  38. bro its crazy how much was put into that ahri e animation.

  39. Pretty incredible work and the updated skins look FANTASTIC. New animations are great. Will actually play more Ahri once this is out. I know it took a while but this is excellent stuff

  40. Looks great. I’ve noticed in videos that She also recives new icons for Her Abilities. Caitlyn on the other hand, still has Her old janky Icons. It would be nice if Riot would just update Her icons also.

  41. Love that they acknowledged they re-use the VFX-update stuff during ASU’s.

    In the past, I’ve brought it up and people are like “B-B-BUT THEY HAVE TO REDO EVERYTHING “.

  42. ITT: One of the very few POSITIVE ONLY ZERO PLAYER COST updates is happening and redditors still find a way to complain about it.

    The ASU looks phenomenal, and I’m really excited to see it. The love for the project and the work is evident, as well as the respect for the the communities (very numerous) pleas for change. Excited to see it ship in the near future.

    Also, heart tails + making the model pulse with color corresponding with the spell? That’sa gooda meatball right there.

  43. >still not coming out til january at least

    my fucking god dude

    Is the entire dev pipeline just stripped bare and moved to other games or something? There used to be multiple VGUs a year but now we get one visual update?

  44. If the next one isn’t Lee Sin then Riot are trolling :p

  45. Looks sick.

    My biggest thing with ASU’s is the possible debacle of “fixing” bugs like Caitlyn’s, but end up removing skill-expressive mechanics that have become a staple of that champion.

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