After a 19 year-long break, the Ski Jumping World Cup will…

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After a 19 year-long break, the Ski Jumping World Cup will return to the USA this season. The event will be held in Lake Placid in February.

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712 shares, 853 points


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  1. “A total of six competitions (three women, three men) will be held during the Lake Placid COC, taking place October 7-9.”

    Serious question: I know snowmaking & grooming is a thing but this sounds way too early. LP’s low temp isn’t below freezing up to 10/6/22, and the highs are near 60. How do they manage this without having them land on ice?

  2. Now hopefully Iron Mountain can complete their homologation so they can also host the World Cup so the calendar can have a North America portion for once

  3. If y’all ever have a chance to visit that part of New York State – please do so. It’s gorgeous.

    Personally, I’d do it in July or August if you want virtually guaranteed good weather.

    Sept and Oct would prob be great for fall leaf colors.

  4. I know nothing about ski jumping, why are there two different sizes of ramps? Is there different jump types that benefit from the angle?