Advocates for migrants who were sent to Martha’s Vineyard…

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Advocates for migrants who were sent to Martha’s Vineyard sue Ron DeSantis

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  1. The cost to sent 50 people to Martha’s Vineyard was $12M or $240K per person. Then, DeSantis says that they could not find enough asylum seekers in Florida to send. He had to go to Texas to find these people. And, even that was a challenge. I thought we had a border crisis, but you are scrambling to find people.

    Nothing adds up about this story.

  2. How is this “not the onion?” How does this resemble satire/parody of the headlines but happens to be a real headline?

  3. Desantis is just trying to catch with Mar A Lardo’s number of lawsuits filed against him. You cannot be a front-runner for the Republican nominee if you do not have a pending law suit against you. Give the guy a break 🙂

  4. OP posts to JordanPeterson and antiwoke. We all know what his intentions were with this post. Why is this shit upvoted this much

  5. Who would have thought that sending immigrants to a island filled with rich Lawyers as a political stunt could backfire?

  6. Man their budget for doing this nonsense is $12 million taxpayer dollars. Imagine the good they could do with $12 million, even just giving the refugees basic support and job training would have cost less and generated more dividends than just “sticking it to the libs”. $12 million for a political stunt.

    So much for the party of fiscal responsibility.

  7. I truly hope he suffers utter financial ruin as a result of this. That’s the only thing the far right cares about anyway is their wealth. Greed and hate is all they know or care about

  8. why couldn’t they house them? lmao. the national guard was called in to get them off the island within hours. this is fucking hilarious. debasedis better run for president in 24.

  9. Compassion from thee, Not from me. :p

    Be it Wokes or Bible thumpers.

    Everyone’s compassionate in talk until it personally costs them something.

    Humans and hypocrisy.

  10. I keep seeing this nonsense everywhere, no one has anything to say about what he was supposed to do with them? Do you just let them go freely where ever they want. Do you ship them to Las Vegas, Alaska? What’s the plan? other than mean guy didn’t do what we want.

  11. The U.S. is probably the only country that you can illegally enter and then sue for not liking what part you ended up in lol. People are fine with these people getting deported and spending months in what is essentially a prison, but it is completely immoral to send them to a different state.