Adrianah didn’t give Mitch and Maya permission to come over

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Adrianah didn’t give Mitch and Maya permission to come over

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  1. Barry “her closest trusted” was driving them there, good shit man. Did she have any friends at all or what is this shit

  2. then why did barry, her friend bring them in? i don’t understand any of this and adriannah and maya really should be the ones we hear from

  3. Why the hell did Barry bring them over then?

    God these people are all morons, other than Adrianah. Feel bad for her.

  4. am I mistaken but didn’t barry say he was the contact between them and adrianah and picked up maya/mitch and miz’s house to drive them over there

  5. Didnt barry say that she gave an ok for mitch and maya to go? And he’s the one we’re basing part of the story on?

    Edit: like what, barry is her friend and also the person that drove them to the house, isnt that just weird behavior too?

  6. That makes everything way worse to me. There’s no way she wouldn’t feel pressure from them coming over unannounced.

  7. Absolutely bonkers that at no point during this discord call did anyone say “we better get Maya in this call”

  8. So they came unnanounced, the friends of the person that did innapropiate things when she was drunk but Miz doesn’t think that’s influencing her opinion, or tweets ? How is LSF gonna downplay this ?

  9. I think Barry was trying seem very helpful to miz/maya in Hope’s of being included with them. That is why he drove them over there

  10. It’s so weird the things Train brings up, given he leaked the call lol.

    “Just between us, I’m an emotional softy” — then proceeds to leak the call

  11. Showing up uninvited after she’s not answering your calls, gaslighting her over what happened, making threatening insinuations about her career, and then proofreading/ghostwriting the Twitlonger?

    Maya stocks PLUMMETING

  12. And Mitch then wonders why she was being “weird and quiet” and why he couldn’t get a read on her.

    Of course an SA victim is going to act reserved when unwelcomed guests who live in the same house as the assaulter knock on her door and ask her questions. Jesus.

  13. Barry had the permission to go. Adrianah said she didn’t even know they were coming in the first place.

    Miz probably thought Adrianah gave the permission.

  14. that’s so fucking that means after she ignored there calls they forced themselves in her house to change her twitlonger