Adam Sandler Reacts to Harsh Critics Who Hate a Lot of His…

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Adam Sandler Reacts to Harsh Critics Who Hate a Lot of His Movies: ‘Sometimes’ It Stings, but ‘I Don’t Get Shook Up’

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  1. I get not all of his movies are bad, but how the hell did he get through shooting all of Jack & Jill without thinking “This is probably not a good idea.”

  2. Adam Sandler is fucking awesome. Sure, it’s dumb, stupid humor, but that guy has been a constant source of amusement for me over my life. People need to get the sticks out of asses and stop taking themselves so seriously.

  3. I hate most of his movies, but damn, if somebody wants to watch them and he makes a crap ton of money, and enjoys it, I couldn’t be happier for him.

  4. People don’t bring up his part in the longest yard a lot. But that movie I bet was so fun to make. This big hodgepodge of big names. I gotta imagine wild shit went down.

    I gotta think Stallone had a lot of fun doing the Expendables series since it was pretty much him and all his buddies hanging out.

    I wished we’d get more those films where it’s just a large ensemble of endless huge names coming together.

  5. He says the yet made a special named 100% Fresh after the rotten tomato ratings because he was getting bad scores.

  6. I do not give a damn. Little Nicky is the most fun movie ever made. Lmao /s but all of his movies entertain me. Giggles out loud

  7. He makes lazy cash grab movies for complete dumbasses. If you like his movies, you’re probably about 12 years old, or never matured beyond that age.

  8. My theory is his movies are for like 8-14 year olds. If one of his movies came out when you were between 8 and 14, you loved it. If it came out when you were older, you probably thought it was bad.

  9. I hate Adam Sandler movies so so much. All his stupid voices and stuff, it’s always been so cringey and childish.

    Uncut Gems was a masterpiece, however. More of that, please.

  10. His movies (at least of the last 15 years if you want to be generous to earlier works) suck in a way that you can’t possibly make them and NOT think they’re hot garbage. Don’t get me wrong, they make money and he got paid. I respect that and the game. But at least acknowledge your hustle and not pretend you’re trying to make something valuable instead of a cash grab for other simpletons to drool over for a month.

  11. If I could tell Adam Sandler one thing it would be this: All those critics who slam your movies, how are the movies doing that THEY made. How much did THEIR movies make?” Every Adam Sandler movie makes a decent amount of money and brings joy and happiness to so many people … what have those critics done with their time?

  12. This dude must have a fat bank account. His mansion must be sweet af too.

    I wonder if he gets decent royalty checks for the hit movies he’s done.