1. I know Carlos loves his Samurai analogy, I believe selling his shares to save the honor of the company could be “Seppuku”.

    Gotta appreciate how thorough he is with that samurai lifestyle of his.

  2. “some people were scared of losing the g2 LEC spot. according to information that was shared with me (awaiting for other sources to completely confirm), It looks like riot told g2 ocelote was in a “blacklist” he cant take part on anything that concerns riot, and it looks like ocelote had to sell his g2 shares and thats why in his video he says he has nothing to do with g2 anymore”

  3. Imagine throwing it all away…for Andrew Tate.

  4. It makes sense. Riot just got out of their own 100 million dollar sexual harassment lawsuit that was a gigantic black eye for the company. They need to look squeaky clean, especially right now. People talk cancel culture but that wasn’t what got Ocelote in hot water. It was because, from Riot’s POV, this all happened at a time it could absolutely not happen to them.

  5. fucking called it the other day. its a echo fox situation.


  6. Honestly this is good news as a G2 fan, i’ve always hated Ocelote and now I don’t need to feel guilty supporting an organisation with him.

  7. Makes sense, echo fox was thrown out of the LCS because they could not get rid of a racist investor. Not gonna comment on what Carlos did. However, pretty clear Riot wants him gone so he will be gone.

    Gotta wonder how this effects G2 in the future when it comes to player deals and how they operate. Carlos was pretty known as being a ruthless business man even beyond league.

  8. Damn, Riot came in with the guillotine with Carlos, holy shit they went all out

  9. Ya make Carlos sell his shares and lose his entire company but Riot still doesn’t fire their executive that was sexually harassing people. Makes sense to me.


  10. the funny thing about all of this is you probably go to Tate and ask him about Carlos and I am not sure he knows who he is

  11. So does this means the reason why he got fired by G2 was because of Riot?

  12. Riot really doesn’t want Carlos to associate himself with mysogynists so they cut him off huh

  13. Riot are hypocritical af for this. 100M dollar lawsuit for mistreatment of women and not a single exec loses their job but Carlos has to sell his shares over a vague video and some tweets? This company is a fucking joke

  14. Mental considering no one in riot got fired for actual harassment of women

  15. To be honest, I think being so hasty with this was a bad business move for riot. I think this tate thing would have blown over quite fast if they gave g2 some time. Basically I think there was very little risk of riots brand being damaged by g2 being in their esport leagues. And they stand to benefit a lot from keeping g2 in their leagues. I think they are just very paranoid of bad press after the whole class action lawsuit. I think even the people who are the most upset by ocelotes actions didnt expect all of this to happen

  16. You could say it’s karma but that’s deffinitely an overkill

  17. If it’s true that would be ridiculous tbh. The Valorant spot was already a very harsh but understandable punishment.

    More seems going over the top for another reason. It’s not right. Moreso, coming from Riot who can’t fuckin fire the guy who farts on employee.

  18. Like Carlos or not, this is just another instance of how hypocritical Riot is. Like I do see the argument for Carlos having to leave G2 and having to sell its shares and stuff, even though I personally disagree with the level of “punishment” (At this point him stepping down just sounds like the more respectful way from G2 for having to fire him to keep some business with Riot).

    **It is hypocritical of Riot though that they didnt fire anyone of their own higher ups in their own much more relevant scandal, in which these people actually did the shit, a “friend” of Carlos talks about.** Talking about double standards. You can hate on Carlos for what he did, but dont come here pretending that Riot stepping in are the good guys of this story. They are the bad guys that simply are too connected with each other and too powerful to fail. I would have thought, Carlos is too big to fail too, but it turns out, all the power is with the big game developers (like Riot) after all and they can Thanos Snap esports-people out of existance if there is any sort of public outrage.

  19. How were they able to force Ocelote to sell but not the dude from Echo Fox?

  20. regime loyalty test: failed

  21. Losing your life’s work for Andrew Tate in the matter of a week. That’s gotta be the biggest L ever.

  22. That is actually kind of messed up. I’m not particularly a fan of Andrew Tate, but guilt by association is a nasty thing.

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