According to Barry, Maya was gaslighting Adrianah the whole…

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According to Barry, Maya was gaslighting Adrianah the whole time

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  1. Yikes man. Destiny does give different view points. Maya is trying to make sure she’s 100% sure so they don’t make a mistake kicking Slick out but Barry interpreted her questioning as gaslighting.

    He said she said. But Mitch and Barry have both said Maya gaslit her. Miz has now thrown Maya under the bus because he says “Why the fuck does what Maya did effect me?”

  2. Like Destiny said just after : it could be gaslighting or it could be her checking the informations before to kick out Slick

  3. People are going to go off on this hardcore but Destiny is actually doing a decent job at characterizing the factions and the various interpretations from a 3rd party perspective.

  4. Jesus fucking christ everyone in this call looks like a fucking gigantic clown. Its literally like 3rd graders argueing.

  5. Okay, this is even more confusing but now we know who the real players are here.

    First, let’s go over what we know for each player in the story:

    1. **Mizkif** – it seems he wants to know what Adriannah was saying so he knows what happened and what to do with CrazySlick, since he was worried his best friend raped someone and was ready to throw him out but wanted to be sure.

    2. **Train** – thinks Mizkif was covering up, doesn’t know anything except what he was told and caught Mizkif tripping on his words on sending Maya there to find out.

    3. **Mitch** – the one that started this by telling Train. His story is most crucial here and yet it turns out he knows nothing as he was outside playing with the dog.

    4. **Barry** – was there and says Maya was going pretty hard on her, saying how she was sounding threatening and gaslighting her. Now Barry is the one who they need to grill.

    5. **Maya** – spoke to her but we don’t know what happened, Miz says he never told her to say the stuff Barry was saying she apparently said and Miz doesn’t believe Maya would do that.

    Basically the only people that should be questioned now are Maya and Barry since their stories contradict each other.

    Either Maya is innocent and Barry is lying/exaggerating, or Maya was actually going hard on the victim either with Mizkif’s encouragement (which is denied) or her own volition.

    Personally I think either Maya was the one that stuffed up or Barry is misrepresenting. But no one really knows until those two get everything out in the open and get questioned since everyone else is just shit-flinging. Destiny is right that everyone here is biased too, it seems Train and Miz just have different opinions on what transpired but neither actually know, unless Maya throws Miz under.

    I don’t know this Barry dude but I’m sus, this all hinges on whether he’s telling the truth and if Maya played a part in orchestrating this or Barry is being shady.

    The only other person that could corroborate this is Adriannah, who hasn’t mentioned much about it at the moment.

  6. I thought it was fucked that Maya was not in this call. But we shall wait to see if she has anything else to say.

  7. Looks really, really bad but without Maya on the call to defend herself I wouldn’t read too much into it.

  8. Still listening (we all are), but so far based on Barry’s testimony train and xqc’s tirade makes a bit more sense (not the hasan and poki thing). but their confidence in train’s statement comes from this for sure. Now we just need Maya and Adri to respond to this or we don’t know how how reliable Barry is.