Abbott lead over O’Rourke widens as voters focus on…

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Abbott lead over O’Rourke widens as voters focus on immigration over abortion

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  1. Seems like these kinds of polls are designed to make people think there is no use in them voting. I really wish they would stop this dumb shit.

  2. This is the whole point of the bussing of the migrants. It was to move the spotlight away from the abortion topic. Voters have goldfish memory.

  3. Super frustrating. Abbott is responsible for some terrible events in Texas and we need change. I hope voters turn out better than polls indicate.

  4. Can someone explain the negative impact of immigration outside of a fear of cultural change? People come over to work, they make money, we make money

  5. Honest question to those voting Abbott due to immigration stance: Abbott has been governor for what, 7-8 years now? IF immigration into Texas is ‘worsening’, then it is doing so under Abbott’s governance. So why would re-electing him be the answer to addressing the immigration issues? When will it be long enough in seat for Abbott to blame HIM for things you disagree with or are fearful of within Texas?

  6. Abbott had a 11.5% lead at the beginning of the summer. It’s narrowed to about 7% on average with some polls saying 5%.

    Turnout is expected to exceed the usual midterm number of voters. These new voters haven’t been polled. Most polls are “likely voters”, people who have voted before. So keep that in mind as well.

    Lastly, there’s a debate coming up that could make or break either candidate. Stay tuned.

  7. Every September, October, and November of even-numbered years Republicans act like there is an Immigration Crisis, and then it conveniently goes away after election day. The stupidest thing about it is that it’s highly effective.

  8. Abbott has been in power for 8 years and republicans have had control of the governorship for almost 30 years. If you think reelecting republicans is going to fix anything you’re concerned about, youre probably as dumb as a Republican.

  9. I think the conflation of immigration and illegal immigration that people seem to like to do is disingenuous.

    We’d get much more accomplished if people correctly addressed the opposing side’s arguments as they are actually intended and in good faith.

  10. Why do Texans do this to ourselves? Texas is a mess and it’s been run by Republicans! How is voting in the same people going to fix things? It just shows these politicians that they can keep hurting my fellow Texans and we will ask for more! There will be other elections, why can’t we try something different this time? Worse case you can go back and vote for the current craziness your used to.