1. I didn’t expect this post to get very much attention but since it has I think I should provide more information. Around a year and a half ago I ran away from home. I had recently bought a car with money I’d saved and I lived out of my car for around 4 months or so. During this time I continued to go to school and work and maintained a gpa of 3.5 (barely). I usually rotated where I spent the night every week or so to avoid attention. That’s when I met Mike and Sally (the beautiful couple sitting next to me). They asked me what I was doing sleeping in my car and I was honest with them, and that’s when they offered to let me stay with them until I got back on my feet. A year later and here we are and I couldn’t be happier! My mother knows where I am and is fine with it. My father isn’t in the picture. When I turn 18 in November I hope to buy my own place. Then I hope to graduate and go to college where I plan to be a biochem major. Thank you for all the comments I’ll try to respond to as much as I can!!!

  2. Winning over my heart! Go to college! Finish your excellence!

  3. y’all look like the sweetest fam. that’s awesome of them, and great of you to go with it

  4. Hug your folks for me! Good luck in your senior year!

  5. This is so sweet! I’m happy that you and they found each other. Keep making them proud!

  6. I am so happy for you and everyone. I am happy for you all. Thank you for sharing some beauty and kindness in this world.

  7. So amazing!! You deserve the world, young man.

    I wish the best for you and your [new family? Hopefully], I’m sure you’re making them proud every single day.

    I hope to see you post when you graduate.

  8. You have been through a lot on your own, and you have been resilient and strong. And now you have a team on your side! I can only imagine the amazing things that you will do next!

  9. Congratulations for staying so dedicated to your studies, especially while last experiencing homelessness!!! You are incredible!

    And you three look so happy!

  10. It says so much about your character that you continued with school on your own, especially when there’s so many bad choices you could have made. Also that you’ve been honest with everyone, your new family and the family you ran away from.

    It sounds like you have such a blessed and promising life ahead of you. Continue to take care of yourself, your new family and your Mom. Praying for an outpouring of blessings on you all.

  11. You’re all incredible people, this is so beautiful ❤️ God job for staying in school even during one of the hardest times in your life so far. Go on as well to college or trade school! Start a good career and make good money ❤️

  12. Congrats, young man. Everyone needs a break sometime.

  13. This is the good shit I subbed for. Props to them and good for you, man!

  14. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. My heart needed this.

  15. Great photo!

  16. This is even more heartwarming than the wrong number thanksgiving invite story.

  17. I love this so much. Knowing there are still kind, caring, generous people in the world makes me feel better about the world. Congratulations on finding each other.

  18. That’s amazing! It just goes to show there are still good people in this world. I’m proud of you. Hugs.

  19. r/humansbeingbros

  20. AYYYYYY GOOD JOB HOMIE 😀 Class of 23 got some strong mfs in it I’m lucky to say we in the same class

  21. I’m not crying! YOU ARE!!!!

  22. Great people. All of them.

  23. That’s amazing! Very happy for you. Keep on moving forwards!

  24. all the best, my man. you are blessed!

  25. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this made my day, your smile is so contagious🥹🥹

  26. I am very happy for you. Mike and Sally are great people. They have your back. You have a comfort zone when you have those people.

  27. ❤️👍🏻

  28. THIS. I’m so proud of you and love your pseudo parents. Keep on truckin, my friend. You’re gonna be fine. 🤘🏻

  29. You have a bright future ahead of you, young man.

  30. So happy for you man!! Keep working towards your goals!

  31. Awwwwww this is great!

  32. Congrats mate

  33. This is what the world needs

  34. This is so sweet! You all are lucky to have each other! And I’m happy to hear that you’re working hard for an amazing future ahead! I wish you good luck 🍀

  35. This is the kind of thing I needed to see on a Wednesday after a long day of work. I don’t know you, but I love you so much. Keep on keeping on, and NEVER look back! Wishing you all the success you come upon in life. I hope to meet you one day!

  36. Oh wow this really hit a nerve for me, I’m really crying.

    I was homeless in high school too and it was only thanks to some very kind and understanding people that I managed to graduate on time. It hurts my heart so much to see innocent young people in these situations. It’s so lonely. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you have peace and stability. Good luck out there young man, you deserve this love ❤️

  37. Bro. You got the fire. Go take on the world and give back to those who need help.

  38. Welp, I’m crying. Wholesome all around and I wish you all the best.

  39. Damn bro this is enough to make a grown man cry and that’s ok

  40. This better not turn out to be a haox!

  41. Awwww

  42. Congratulations

  43. My guy! We’re all proud of you! And what a wonderful family you have

  44. Make them proud, bud!

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