A photo of the CPAC stage.

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  1. This is (attempted) cover for trump’s crimes. If everyone at CPAC is a terrorist, then trump’s crime is (falsely) diminished.

  2. There’s a fairly large size concrete “bunker” near where I live that is I believe associated with the power lines. Could house a transformer or something. Not sure. And it’s old. For years it was painted with an American flag and a trump 2020.

    That trump 2020 is now gone and that section is painted white again. The flags appear to have been freshly painted again to freshen up their look.

    Given everything that’s happening, the longer you stay a trump supporter, the more dedicated you are to the cause of nazism. They’ve had enough “are you sure you want to support him” calls and questions. At this point, yeah you are a nazi.

  3. What in the actual fuck.

    More context: [https://www.texasmonthly.com/news-politics/donald-trump-cpac-dallas/](https://www.texasmonthly.com/news-politics/donald-trump-cpac-dallas/)

    >The woman interrupted our conversation to repeat her question. “So are you going to call him a domestic terrorist?” I handed her my business card and said I would quote Trump accurately and fairly. This did not seem to comfort her. And perhaps for good reason—after all, one of CPAC’s afternoon panels was titled “We Are All Domestic Terrorists.” One of its participants, Texas state board of education candidate Julie Pickren of Houston, began by claiming the title was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. “Nobody in this room is a domestic terrorist,” she assured the thousand or so right-wing activists in the Hilton Anatole’s Trinity Ballroom. The panelists spent most of their time criticizing public schools for supposedly indoctrinating children. New York activist Ryan Girdusky claimed he was put on a “hit list” for speaking up at too many school board meetings.

    Just the title alone should have and 10 years ago would have had the event organizers at least saying, “Yeah, we get it, you’re trying to be funny, but GTFO with this.” NOW I bet this one was just swung up to the top of the approved panels because OwNInG tHE LibS.

    Or, y’know, not anymore. Owning the libs < owning the label. The GOP is in its own post-policy, post-fiscal-conservatism, post-gerrymandering, post-cheating cul de sac of fascist bullshit. Power through violence is quickly becoming all they have left.

  4. A decade ago Sarah Palin was at an event where she said something to the effect of “I see a lot of Timothy McVeighs here tonight” and the crowd went wild. This shit is not new

  5. Pretty crazy that in WW2 our great grandparents hated nazis, maybe some killed nazis and suddenly a lot of people think it’s “cool” to be nazis

  6. I’ve long predicted a low-level Civil War when their neo-fascist candidate inevitably loses in ‘24 and they scream “steal and traitor.” We’ll become a worse version of Northern Ireland in the 60s and 70s but with bigger guns, more fanaticism and social media to amplify their bat sh*t craziness. I hope I’m wrong.

  7. I miss the days when I just disagreed with Republicans and their policies. Being concerned that 33% of the population wants to actually murder the other 33% is quite stressful.

  8. ….and not a single mass media news network is going to say anything about this, I’m sure. *(assuming this isn’t a photoshop, of course)*

    Once again, giving right wing lunatics another free-pass.

    But if Biden fist-bumps some foreign leader, oh, well that is *days* worth of news coverage.

  9. Am I paranoid in thinking this is designed to sow the seeds of violence in the minds of people susceptible to this rhetoric? Feels like a massive call to arms to traitors with a shit load of guns and little consideration of the consequences.
    If they start to normalise the thought that being a domestic terrorist is just how it is for their team, then what’s going to hold them back?

  10. Was anybody else around post 9/11 and remember the shitstorm that fell upon Arab-Americans/Muslims? We were under surveillance, on no fly lists, constantly being told we weren’t American, that Islam was not compatible with democracy, that sharia law was taking over parts of America and none of it was true. Imagine if Muslims started their own political party and started doing half the shit these people are doing, it would be shut down immediately and the media would be up in arms. The hypocrisy in this country is unreal.

  11. Did someone hack CPAC or is this something they are embracing because a brutal defeat is coming and then all they will have is threats of violence.

  12. They want civil war until Jesus comes down from the sky on a golden chariot w trumpets and gives them all a ride to heaven. If things are going well here…Jesus won’t come back

  13. When are we going to talk about Trumps ex wife’s mysterious fall down the stairs that killed her????

  14. the least we can all be doing is VOTING to Give them a harder time.. not voting is being content with letting the far right sweep the polls without any resistance.

  15. They’re normalizing all of it, the southern Christian fuckwads are forging the US into a place I won’t accept. It’s open season on churches and Christian nationalists. Destroy them and their families, their property, their will to exist. Annihilate them and do it very quickly and violently

  16. As an old lady who has voted GOP a FEW times in her long life( I thought the candidate was a more decent, caring person, can you believe that?) THIS is REALITY folks! I live around these people! They vote! They get ballots by mail for their adult children, who because they live in rural areas don’t get arrested for their drug use and they VOTE for them! Rules and laws are for those OTHER people in blue cities to follow. I heard for 8 years the total hatred of Barack Obama, simply because he was black. Trump used racism from the very inception, the birther crap to win an election. These people VOTE every election! Rural Az., I might say has had mail in ballots for a very long time. PLEASE VOTE! These people are armed. They are stupid. They are angry at their generational failures. The red states have been broke forever and a day and instead of saying, “ We were wrong”, they blame the very states and cities they are living off of ( tax base wise) to further their hatred and animosity. VOTE! VOTE every election! Please for NOW don’t split votes. We can’t AFFORD anymore of THIS.

  17. Alright, it’s settled then. They are self declared domestic terrorists. Sounds like any politician who attended CPAC should resign, because we don’t negotiate with terrorists right?

  18. Start recording and documenting any comments from the people around you. It will be useful for restraining orders and other legal maneuvers. If they admit they support harming people or otherwise classifying individual groups for harm then it can be used against them. If they state that they support domestic terrorists or groups that have claimed to be so it can be used against them. Record them. Bind them in the web of stupidity they dance upon.

  19. This is why we should stop putting the qualifier “domestic” in front of terrorist. Just call them terrorist because that’s what they are. We already have laws in place for dealing with terrorists. Let’s start using them.