A clear majority of Americans would rather see the U.S….

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A clear majority of Americans would rather see the U.S. support Ukraine in reclaiming lost territory from Russia, even if it means a prolonged war. Nearly four in five Democrats want the U.S. to support Ukraine in reclaiming territory. Only half of Republicans agree

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  1. Tucker is still having Retired military generals on his show (as of last night) who are saying Ukraine is going to either lose or negotiate. He’s also talking about how badly the war will be for EU and the prices of gas, and how if Ukraine negotiated the prices wouldn’t rise. So given his popularity among Republican’s, this comes as no surprise. He’s basically trying to convince his viewers to give into Putin… shocking

  2. It’s utterly baffling to me that people who I used to take seriously during the Iraq War, like Scott Ritter for example, are spewing Russian talking points verbatim. And then using terms like “liberated” instead of “occupied” and using Russian pronunciations like Kharkov. Like huh? Sure you can’t be doing these things without getting paid.

  3. It’s funny during the Cold War republicans would have jumped at the chance to bring Russia down through a proxy war (like how Afghanistan facilitated the downfall of the USSR). Now the republicans are incredibly corrupt, their ranks filled with Christian nationalists, and pro-fascism. What a change.

    Edit: USSR

  4. Who would think In 2022 the right in America would be less up for a war with Russia and the left is, The Cold War didn’t end that long ago wtf happened in 30 years, The US has had too many concussions or something, What happened to “America F Yeah!” ?!

  5. We should be on board with anything Ukraine wants to do. If they want all their land back and willing to fight a long war, then so should we, as well as the rest of Europe.

  6. This really surprised me from the republicans. Not only is it the right ( correct) thing to do morally but also this proxy war destroys ruZZiaZ ability to threaten others. Ukraine 🇺🇦with the help of western weapons has decimated RuZZias ability to wage war.

  7. US voters who identify as Republicans are some of the least educated and brainwashed people in the country. They’re a minority though, most “republican” voters identify as “independent” to avoid the negative connotations of being a republican (homophobia, bigotry, etc)

  8. …Only half of Republicans agree…
    No surprise there since many of these repubs don’t even value our own freedom – free and fair elections – by continuing to support a traitor to the foundation of this country.

  9. Tucker carlson on foxnews website right now has a video arguing the war is Biden’s fault and Ukraine could have signed a treaty (as if a treaty with Russia is worth anything).

  10. I’d like to add that you are seeing “republicans” change their tune quite a bit. There are many many “conservatives” that are all about helping in this war and are touched personally by the things happening in Ukraine. There are a ton of us that are too far left to be right and too far right to be left. And that’s becoming a growing number the more old people die. The mass majority of moderate conservatives that agree with this that I speak of come from a group of 20 years worth of military veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan and then those currently serving as well. And we tried fucking with trump because he had really some of the most liberal conservative policies that fit for what we would have rather had politically. But turns out he was more of a complete fucking idiot and conceited douche bag. He lost a huge percentage of the support from this part of the “conservative” side. He had some help from libertarians the first time who wanted anything but Hillary. He would be stupid to run again. There’s only some old people, bigots, and Fox News still think he can do it. He can’t. So he’s nothing to talk or worry about anymore. I know personally of a shit ton of conservatives that are current or prior service who are incredibly happy with the way Biden is handling this and that support shows as now you can start seeing a massive shift in support from the republicans getting on board with helping ukraine. And now that they see that they will lose if they don’t help back this, they’re on board. They wondered why joes polling numbers seen a huge increase and a huge decrease in trump because there’s a lot of young Americans who will absolutely fight and die to fight against oppression and genocide. This is the shit that matters to us. All the other “usual” shit is about what the extra money is being spent on by Washington and in times of peace we all have our own ideas how that should be done, but right now this is what’s important and republicans have no choice to get on board now. When this is over we can go back to bickering about how money should be spent, but for now people are dying and none of that shit matters until Ukraine defeats Russian war, genocide, aggression, expansion, etc. P.S. republicans and democrats could both learn here that just because the other side takes a position doesn’t mean you have to take an opposing position for each and every issue just looking for a gotcha moment. There are a lot of us like me who have a variety of issues we don’t agree with completely. But America is behind Ukraine and now that our politicians see that, their actions and opinions have shifted. They will lose if they don’t back this.

  11. What about the ones in swing states, and those numerically favoured by a democratic system which emphasises landmass (rural areas) over population.
    How about Fox News viewers. No pollster worth their salt gives a shit about the ‘average American viewer’