9 years later, Chromecast has way more — at a lower price

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9 years later, Chromecast has way more — at a lower price

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  1. Is this the first time somebody has put the letters “HD” in a product name to indicate a *downgrade*?

  2. got a Chromecast with Google tv 2 weeks ago, the 4k version.

    great replacement for me ps4, which I’ve used exclusively as a media machine for the last 2 years.

  3. It’s not a device that’s going to set the world on fire, but for the price it’s unbeatable for transforming crappy dumb HDTVs into Smart TVs.

  4. My in-laws were locked in an endless cycle of paying too much for cable and complaining about the programming, but constantly having Fox News on and confused about how to watch the shows their friends were watching on streaming. We bit the bullet and bought them two Google TVs for their two already smart TVs (with terrible interface they couldn’t figure out) and set them up with a bunch of free services and paid for a few ourselves. Fast-forward a month and they are already actually happier with some stress related medical issues going away because they just stream endless National Geographic videos instead of fear mongering.

    Buying two at $30 is significantly easier than two at $100, especially since they didn’t need the 4k of Google TV. This has the potential to make a huge change for a certain demographic, just not the one that frequents Reddit.

  5. As someone who thinks casting and Chromecast is one of the best consumer technologies that has come about in the past decade that headline is a real kick in the teeth lol. More does not mean more if you make the experience of what was there before even worse.

    I really dislike the new style of Chromecast. It always forgets that it’s a Chromecast and is primarily an Android TV device. Sometimes you will have to cast multiple times to get videos to actually play and sometimes the casting version of an app won’t let you use all of the features of that service. It should be called Google TV with Cast. I wish Google focused on the more traditional Chromecast.

  6. 8GB of storage is simply insufficient for the android TV ecosystem. After the android system, you are left with 4.4GB of space on the current chromecast. This doesn’t even count the android “system apps” which take up approximately another 2.5GB. I have 10 streaming apps installed on mine that total to around 1GB of storage and my chromecast storage is essentially full If I install another app, app updates stop working..

    It is not a workable device in the real world.

    That’s also ignoring all of the issues like the fact that *casting* to my chromecast usually take 2-3 tries, sometimes more. And random app crashes force a restart about once a week.

    I’m convinced that nobody at google working on this device actually uses it themselves.

  7. 39.99€ in the Euro zone. So more expensive than the chromecast 3 was at the time. Thanks to the current EUR/USD exchange rate I guess.

  8. I just want to simply cast without all the google tv bullshit. Apparently that was too much to ask for. I will use my old 1080 version till it dies then no more chromecast for me.

  9. We now have three of the Google TV Chromecasts and they are excellent.

    But what made no sense on Google was ending the audio Chromecasts. There is a lot of use cases they came in handy for.

  10. I got a couple of shield pros at home. I’m considering picking up the new Chromecast for traveling. The GoogleTV OS should work the same across the board, right?

  11. I bought a new 2022 model Samsung TV and never intend to connect it to the internet

    It’s crazy that they want to have a main menu screen for a TV that is full of ads and preview thumbnails of garbage network TV shows

  12. I got 2 of the 4k ones, one for my TCL to fix the AIDS that is Roku and one for a Samsung I got back in 2010.

    Got different colors for both TV’s so I don’t mess the controllers up.

    Google TV is hands down better, my old Samsung is like a brand new TV.

    The Chromecast is probably the best thing Google has made

  13. I simply love seeing ads all over my homescreen, thanks Google. Yes, i have deselected options to see “suggestions” from other streaming sites than Netflix. Thanks Google.

  14. I used to like chrome cast

    Then it stopped working right – typical google really.

    Now I have a Roku – it’s better.

  15. The marketing behind Chromecast is horrible. 9 years in and I don’t know if it’s still just giving the ability to cast your phone or computer to the tv (and if that’s the case – what limitations come with it) or if it’s a smart tv user interface to add to a dumb TV in a USB drive.

  16. Way less at the same price they mean. Because you can buy the older chromecast, which has been on sales a lot for similar prices, and the device itself already sucked so I wonder what this trash is even good for. Casting is fine but the Google TV stuff is a piece of shit, that I would rather they did not discountined the chromecast ultra for this shit