9-year-old boy seriously injured in bear attack while…

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9-year-old boy seriously injured in bear attack while hunting in Alaska; bear shot dead by family member

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  1. A lot of the comments here don’t take into account that even going fishing in Alaska means that you need to be prepared for a Brown Bear/Grizzly encounter. Which means carrying a .50 Caliber handgun is pretty standard practice.

    Being outdoors means you can encounter an apex predator that can run 40+ mph and can’t be taken down with most firearms quickly. Boy was lucky to survive.

  2. This is the problem with the second amendment. If the constitution didn’t allow it, we would never be here. No other country guarantees the right to bear arms. In my country, our bears have no arms, hence no attacks.

  3. It’s tragic and heartbreaking but it’s also a part of just being outdoors in alaska. Nature rules and his family should have been more prepared

  4. A lot folks talking about 9 years old too young to hunt. In the lower 48, maybe; but if the kid is First Nations, going out on hunts starts when you can walk all day, without needing a nap.

  5. There are no bad bears, just bad bear owners. If that bear had been raised right I’m sure he wouldn’t have done that. Most beara are perfectly safe to have around your children.

  6. This is why semi automatic rifles are good for hunting. Sometimes you have to defend yourself against something you didn’t expect to see.

  7. I’m just a city kid, so maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about, but if you must go hunting, why bring a pre-teen?

  8. Humans are the ultimate virus to nature. With absolutely little to no consideration to allowing nature taking it’s own course. We have to kill any living thing that bothers us in any way.

  9. Or in other words, A family take a trip to where they shouldn’t be, encroaching on some of the world’s last natural habitats, cause a ruckus, and kill an animal in its home.

    Hate people like this.

  10. If you’re out hunting, only fair the game has a chance to hunt back… No reason to kill a bear over it, boy started the fight.

  11. Hey, it’s fucking Alaska. Some motherfuckers get eaten. It what Jesus wanted. Some happen to be 9, the veal of people. No reason to kill a bear you fucking dick-bags.