1. >The idea uses…theoretical cold fusion nuclear systems

    Very distant future. That is in the *very* distant future.

  2. Also in the not-too-distant future: a 10 min flight from London to the bottom of the Atlantic.

  3. Until they get literally every other part of the travel-by-plane experience streamlined, I’m not interested in quicker flights.

    As mentioned, this technology is MANY years away… however, we could cut out 5 hours of the travel experience MUCH quicker if we focused on the issues on the ground.

  4. This is a designer drawing a plane he thinks looks cool and then just bullshitting about technology to make it possible.

  5. We had 2.5 hour flights with the Concorde, and demand wasn’t enough to keep it in business. Let alone the environmental and social coasts (noise pollution and actual pollution).

  6. I’ve sold monorails to Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook, and, by gum, it put them on the map!”

  7. “Could”

    “Not-too-distant future”

    Yeah.. I’m good. The days of me getting pointlessly hoped up on stuff like this are long behind me. I’m now in the boat where I’ll get excited when in goes into production. Not prototyping, *production.*

  8. Hyper-Sting sounds like some bs name that Elon would come up with.

  9. Interestingly there were actually incredibly fast planes that they tried to start using many years ago. The only problem with these faster planes is they used significantly more fuel so tickets were more expensive. They found that people preferred cheaper tickets over faster flights so they ended up scrapping the idea and went back to what we have today.

  10. What is the use case for travel across the ocean that quickly? With remote work, you can conduct business over the internet. This just feels like another one of those things a rich person would want exclusively for themselves but has absolutely zero positive impact of the lives of 99.9% of people. Waste of time and money.

  11. ss:

    I envision a utopia in the skies. Fast traspo, permanent living facilities, earthly overcrowding over. Finally, the human race will be able to live eternally in the skies like we always dreamed.

  12. Well, I think there will still be time for a drink and food service.

  13. Theoretically correct, it could happen, but won’t as long as people are supposed to fly with it.

    Hypersonic is a league onto its own. Material science (it gets rather hot rather quick), ROI and fuel prices play a part.

    Would you spend $17,736,123 extra to save 2 hours of your life?

  14. What a trade we’re making. New Yorkers for Londoners. Can’t wait to experience the increase in drunk arguments.

  15. As if airplane noise in communities surrounding airports isn’t bad enough, in the future we’ll get constant sonic booms…

  16. What’s the fuel and pollution on a flight like this??

  17. The concorde failed, because nobody cared about the time in the air, as that is only a small part of total travel time.

  18. I’m not so worried about the time in the air. I’m more concerned about delays, cancelations, runway time, and overall ground logistics.

  19. Am i the only one who thought the image was a plane crashed in the ocean at first glance?

  20. I’ve been hearing this since I was a kid in the 80’s… but it will eventually be true

  21. So it’s a bit like Concord which was abandoned due to cost and safety issues, except using an imaginary engine which hasn’t been invented yet.

  22. Yep very distant future if humanity can somehow adapt to what the world faces with climate change…at this rate unlikely.

  23. perfect just what the rich need.. thatll help everyone!! lol

  24. I mean why not concord did it in four hours I think it was , the prices will be out of reach for normal people !

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