1. Isn’t this a way better price-piece ratio compared to the other UCS sets? I was expecting $700

  2. Alright, credit where credit is due, this thing looks absolutely fantastic.

    Obviously that price tag is pretty hard to swallow, but there are so few sets at this price point that I’m having a hard time determining if this is a good price or not. I’ll probably need to see some reviews first, but given the size and level of detail, I think the value might actually all be there.

    But I don’t really care about that right now, I just want to keep admiring this beauty of a ship for a while.

  3. Great looking set and a reasonable price, but I wish we got a few more minfigs. Also another giant set that I have no room for.

  4. Well, it’s sexy. Is it $600 sexy?

  5. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a hard time believing there’s that many people willing to pay $600 for a Razor Crest set. Millennium Falcon I get, Star Destroyer I get…but is this ship really iconic enough for that price tag?

  6. Great looking ship, but once again putting in stickers on a 600€ set is just wrong.

  7. Is there no stand for this? That’s a bit disappointing, I wanted to display it flying with landing gear up!

  8. They need to chill with the stickers

  9. It really looks awesome but that is just to expensive for me. In general the prices are taking the fun out of it.

  10. Can’t get behind it not having any silver parts. £520 isn’t actually that bad for the piece count. I can get behind that, but I just can’t convince myself to get another giant grey thing. After the falcon, ISD and AT-AT, my display needs more colour, I hoped they’d have some drum lacquered stuff on here. Sadly no

  11. $760 CDN. Which I thought was high until I checked out the current exchange rate. 😬

  12. Aw come on, that is so beautiful but $600????

  13. This looks fantastic, but I don’t know how people can display all of these new scale sets. At the $200 price point I could fit four or five in a shelf. Now each ship needs a coffee table!

  14. LEGO has announced the newest addition to the Ultimate Collector Series, 75331 The Razor Crest!
    75331 The Razor Crest
    6,187 pieces, rated 18+
    $599.99 / £519.99 / €599.99
    Available from 3rd October at LEGO.com

    Beautiful ship! But that price…. oh no….

  15. Will there be any free gifts on launch night for this one? Been saving my points for this since I heard about it, but spending 600 probably should wait for something extra.

  16. As a kid, I wanted SW Lego sets so much. Tried to build mini versions with my limited parts, etc. I have a few from the earliest lines in 2000, but after seeing all these, I (read: my wallet) am kind of glad I’m not into them anymore. The Lion Knight’s Castle is bonkers at $400, I can’t imagine multiple sets in that range.

  17. Eh… Have no idea what the appeal of this ship is. It’s easily the least interesting star wars ship of all time.

  18. How was it confirmed there are stickers? Just from the pics bc I couldn’t find any reviews yet. I might pass bc I assumed with a $600 price tag they wouldn’t have any external stickers like the ucs falcon and devastator

  19. It looks amazing; I’m certainly thinking about grabbing it!

  20. grogu in the set vs the Star Destroyer UCS which to get?

  21. They did it. They did it and I hate them for it.

    I have yet to buy a set anywhere near this price point—$300 USD is as far as I’ve gone—but I may have to start saving. Still though, that’s just a lot for one big boi.

  22. Fantastic set

  23. Lego could’ve just release the UCS version from the beginning. I bought the regular one back in March and I don’t really want to buy another razor crest although it looks really cool🥲

  24. Is the ucs minifig scale?

  25. I think 100€ per 1000 pieces is a good price and this fits that range so I am happy

  26. Oh it’s beautiful 😍

  27. We need more expensive trains. I appreciate the Star Wars geeks having so many to choose from, but a $600 highly detailed, track compatible (looking at you Hogwarts Express), powered train would sell just as much – if not more – to all the train phreaks.

  28. This looks cool but honestly I think the Jerac brick vault set looks better. Not hating on the official set but Mocs have better details as the usually do (not always as stable). Rich boy Jae on YouTube also had a cool take on the engine turbine part using horns. The big technic gear in the UCS set just does not look good.

    The UCS Falcon and Star destroyer massive. The Falcon has tons of amazing textures and griebling. The Star destroyer engines are beautifully done they look amazing.

    I don’t understand the LEGO take on the iconic ships engines, even the exhaust part looks strange.

    Still a beautiful set for over $700 canadian I’ll be waiting for a sale.

    I modified my regular Razorcrest and fit in tons of details. It’s not perfect but I’m pretty happy with it.


  29. Decent.

    Looks like a fan set which is a compliment.

    But the price tag is just not for me. The razor crest is not THAT iconic for me and I will keep saving for a new X Wing UCS version.

  30. It looks like a really good model of the real thing. But for me it’s so uninteresting cause the Razor Crest is just an ugly looking spaceship.

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