500 Mounts achievement reward has been updated again! (New…

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500 Mounts achievement reward has been updated again! (New soulshape-looking skin and it flies)

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712 shares, 853 points


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  1. I’m glad to see the soulshape spell effects elsewhere, I thought they were very well done.

    It would be super cool if the mount had a few built in shapes we could switch between. 5 mounts in one for 500? But I know anything that involved is a pipe dream 🥲

  2. Holy shit they actually did it. I’m genuinely surprised and pleased. I’m at 482 rn and now I’m going full steam bb.

  3. Thank goodness. I’m glad everyone complained, this mount is great

    For a moment I thought the only reward for collecting 500 mounts would be five hundred mounts!

  4. It’s cool but the soulshape effect hides a lot of detail. At least from these pics. Either way still good incentive to go mount hunting again.

  5. turning it soulshape blue is such a lazy fucking fix lmao

    should have kept it how it was, given it the ability to fly, and while flying its paws could have had that rainbow sparkle glow that you get when evokers use their lust

  6. This is so much worse. Sure it stands out more in the crowd but all the detail is completely lost, it’s basically just a blue silhouette.

  7. What’s happening with the mount they were planning on adding? Is it just gone or are they adding it into the game for something else?

  8. 555 here as of today! This is a nice change! Honestly loving a lot of what they’re doing for Dragonflight. Did I also see that necrotic is missing in M+? As a tank main, thank the gods, I never tanked that week. That affix was awful. The changes to pvp are super nice too so far. If only they can get the kinks worked out on the Paladin talents. Seems like they are actually listening to us and trying to make Azeroth great again! I’m excited. All the changes so far appeal to all of my play styles.

  9. I like the idea that it flies and has additional swim speed but I hate the blue soulshape look. it’s very detracting