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  1. People need to be able to talk about their deepest thoughts and personal experiences. Its sad and tiring to see people shaming themselves about “oversharing”.

  2. About 15 years ago I worked as a lifeguard at a water park. Midway through the summer I had a new hire Shadow me throughout the day so they could learn the processes of each ride. Now this job has a lot of nothing going on so we spent most of the day chatting. Or more realistically, she spent the entire 8-hour shift detailing every single trauma that she ever experienced. I have no idea how real any of these experiences were, some of them were so insanely outlandish that they couldn’t possibly have happened. Like being human trafficked at the start of the summer but rescued and given a job at that water park.

    I don’t understand what the fuck is wrong with some people’s brains that they think that just spewing all this information out is the best way to deal with it.

  3. I don’t mind though, I love listening to when people talk about their lives and I get to pitch in with my thoughts, as my life is pretty boring and I don’t have much to share

  4. When you finish a conversation and breathe a sigh of relief that it’s over because it was the exact same conversation you’ve had thousands of times before with different people 🙃

  5. The other day I hung out with my friend after work and they overshared for most of the conversation. And you know what? It felt nice to be there to listen to them.
    Cut yourself some slack and enjoy that soda!

  6. Learn how to ask questions! This is literally the one trick that made me become a social person. Keep asking the other person questions, and resist the urge to respond with a story about how that relates to you.

  7. Bro maybe I’m just weird but I am down for a convo that’s someone just oversharing for 30 minutes. I won’t snuffing remember it after but I’ll listen

  8. As someone who prefers to listen (and generally can’t think of anything to say in a conversation), I’d like to thank anyone who identifies with this meme for keeping the conversation going.

  9. Every time, every single fucking time.
    I just get so excited to talk blut about what i have been working on lately and just hard cringe at myself after every coversation.

    Gotta love adhd

  10. Ever think “I should say something fun and lighthearted” and just come up with nothing and stare awkwardly.

  11. I’m lucky if I can keep a conversation going for more than 30 seconds so I’ll take what I can get

  12. Lol. I swear someone people will linger just so I end up over sharing things to them. Whenever people linger after a small exchange I’ll try and make it less awkward by talking and end up oversharing 😂

  13. the truly annoying part is that you overshare to dig into some tuning with the other person and NOTHING, they keep anything inside, like their crush or something would look on like their reddit and think: “what a loser!” and they are probably now thinking to themselves “what a loser, what a loser, what a loser, what a loser” while i just think: “what a cold person!”

  14. As someone who’s been on the other side of such conversations:

    I’ll take this over painful stilted small talk any day. Chances are you shared something interesting even if it might be a little uncomfortable, but I’m not phased by much and probably flattered you felt comfortable enough to share that with me.