🔮WallStreetBets Predictions Tournament for August 2022🔮

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+33333 – 🔮WallStreetBets Predictions Tournament for August 2022🔮

2022-08-06 03:55:27

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  1. Will PayPal close at 4% or above, or 4% or above. It is hard to say but I think 4% or above, wait, on second thoughts I will go for 4% or above.

  2. Starbucks gunna get destroyed. Inflation of material and operational cost is gunna kill the stock

  3. Soooo is this for MONDAY August 1st or TUESDAY August 2nd? Cuz Monday, August 2nd is not today. heh

  4. PayPal will not close at 4% or above. It shouldn’t make it’s numbers the way the company has been going.

  5. Zillow, Redfin, Opendoor, and their ilk tank over the next month.

    Unemployment surprises at <3.4%.

    Meta shows further signs of weakness, drops ~10%.

    Covid surge scare mid-August “causes” another 5-15% drop in DJI and SPY… NASDAQ (10-20%).

    Recession still not acknowledged by the White House on August 31st.

    Announcement of further postponement of student loan repayment requirements by end of month with no clear indication of debt forgiveness.

  6. This page has to much spam bullshit and half the shit I see is terrible and vague claims. Most of you are sheep and would follow anyones advice. The fact that your on this page to supposedly make money proves that most of you won’t make money. The same people who would cheat on test instead of studying. This page actually makes me cringe on how much bs and sheeping I see lmao

  7. A certain popular stock is going moon this month.


    And by moon, I mean the regulators are going to pull down their pants and fart at us.

  8. Siga will hit 50$ by end of year. I currently own 14 shares, cause I’m broke, very small portfolio. Might buy a long dated call for next to nothing.