🔥 Highly poisonous Copperhead snake blending in perfectly 🔥

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  1. Well that’s fucking terrifying. I spent about 5 minutes looking for that fucker before turning to the comments. Still took me about 10 seconds to find it.

  2. Walked right by a rattlesnake a few weeks back didn’t even know it until by buddy told me to move. Apparently I had nearly stepped on it and he only saw it after it had moved to get out of way of my foot.

  3. Venomous. But also the weakest venom of all the pit vipers. It’s bite is rarely fatal. All snake bites should be taken seriously, but copperheads really don’t cause as much danger.

  4. Luckily most snakes would rather slither away than risk a confrontation with a larget animal. Most snake bites occur when they feel threatened or cornered.

  5. Copperheads aren’t poisonous at all. I know what you meant though but very few people die from their venom unless they have another issue.