1. This looks like the bathroom in that giant house filled with DVDs

  2. This is disturbing. Any context?

  3. Ah, 8800 Blue Lick Road

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    SecretCalligrapher67 April 4, 2022 at 10:13 pm

    The fact I know what house this is from

  5. This looks like a baptism tub. They have things like this behind the stage at some churches in the US baptisms. Walk in, pastor blesses and dunks you, walk out.

  6. The weirdest part is that the way it’s framed makes it look like a mirror to me

  7. “Boss, I don’t understand why we have to go through the decontamination shower on our way to the packing floor. Nothing in there is dust-sensitive.”

    “We’re not trying to keep things from getting *in*, Peters. We’re trying to keep things from getting *out*.”


    “Nothing. Forget I said anything. Forget we had this conversation.”

  8. Not that damn house again lmao

  9. Why are there *three* showerheads so goddamn close together?

  10. Bruh isn’t this dunkeys eBay seller video where he went and looked through a house?

  11. This looks like a place someone would go to get murdered. So unnerving.

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    Notliamshedddenbye April 4, 2022 at 10:13 pm

    Someone had a wet fart on the floor, The shower goes out to the hallway to a hotel so EVERYONE WHO COMES OUT WILL SEE ME, And there’s no towels, That’s why,

  13. It’s a miracle you found it.

  14. Honestly, if it wasn’t so dirty, this looks like a pretty nice shower

  15. Heck yeah, then browse the endless vault of DVDs for something to watch as I dry off and relax

  16. Something about this is giving me The Shining vibes lol

  17. I can smell the toe fungus from here.

  18. It looks like black sludge will pour from these shower heads if you get in that shower. Horror movie vibes

  19. Something coming towards you in that tight narrow hallway

  20. For some reason my first thought was a shower for a fancy cow in a David Lynch movie.

  21. Overwhelming smell of chlorine

  22. I love it.

  23. It’s like if you want a shower and a baptism afterwards

  24. *You expect a beautifull lady to join you, but nobody comes.*

  25. I imagine this to be an endless hallway with doors, and each door you pass through, there’s another random fixture/feature to that part of the endless hallway

  26. After looking at this picture, the words “decontamination shower” are stuck in my head.

  27. Found you, Dunkey

  28. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had an irrational, serious fear of showers, especially ones in odd places or ones that looked… off. This photo has younger me reeling. Older me, too, is quite disturbed.

    Great job!

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    Prudent-Bandicoot702 April 4, 2022 at 10:13 pm

    I remember when this image was popular

  30. Looks like a decon shower that would make me nervous if I ran I to that. Come back with a hazmat suit.

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