Yesterday at 6:15 am near Yamuna Sports Complaint gate…

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+286 – Yesterday at 6:15 am near Yamuna Sports Complaint gate no.-3. If Anyone of you goes out for morning walks or jogs in that area please be carefull.

2022-04-04 14:38:20

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Yesterday at 6:15 am near Yamuna Sports Complaint gate no.-3. If Anyone of you goes out for morning walks or jogs in that area please be carefull. from delhi

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  1. dude, it was my cycling track every day,wtf

  2. Happened so easily. This video will definitely promote more theives to do the same.

    Got any news info about the same? Were they caught?

  3. Just have empty pockets. They make fun of you and leave. Happened with me 3 times.

  4. Some guy tried to rob me once, I had empty pockets, he went away. I smirked at him while going away, that dude ran after me. I ran for my life.

  5. *Okay, good people of Delhi, here’s my input based on my evolving understanding of Criminal Violence:*

    *First of all, roads/streets are “transitional spaces”, meaning these are the most convenient places for professional criminals to ambush you. And make no mistake, criminals always aim to ambush you and overwhelm you. They are not looking for a fair fight. They are looking to overpower you so profoundly that you submit or surrender without any resistance at all.*

    *Secondly, Your job is not to teach every criminal out there a lesson on morality or decency. That’s the job of police officers and courts and related authorities. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ensure that you are not an easy target, or a fairly difficult target for a professional criminal to dominate or overpower.*

    *How do you do that? Awareness is number one. Awareness buys you time and time buys you options. Options to respond carefully and not react wildly. Instincts and adrenaline and a whole lot things are obviously going to kick in if it goes violent but that’s for another discussion. Stay aware. Carry as less as possible. Flashy or heavy things make you an attractive target in their eyes, and you do not want that. Your ideal goal is to not be an easy or attractive target so they can move onto someone else. Sounds callous but as an ordinary citizen, that’s just about the most sensible approach for you.*

    *Lastly, this was a pretty clever ambush. He gave little pre-attack indicators except loitering on the road and casually reaching for his gun. Had the victims of this armed robbery made a run for it in the opposite direction, it could have gone either way. The attacker could started shooting or perhaps they would have gotten on their bike and escaped quickly.*

    *One thing I would suggest: Do not challenge or test the person with a firearm. If you’re going to comply, comply fully and if you’re going to run, do it as fast as you can. And if you’re going to fully engage a criminal with a firearm (good luck with that, you’re going to need it), go all in, because your survival is at imminent risk now. And about the whole “it could be a fake gun” idea, unless you’re absolutely certain that it’s fake, do not assume. Do not ask silly questions like ‘What are you going to do, shoot me?’ or ‘Is this a real gun?’. Stay safe by taking command of your safety.*

  6. Ffs and this is one of the better areas of east delhi

  7. Will carrying a gun help in this situation?

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    Remarkable_Aerie_794 April 4, 2022 at 4:38 pm

    Bhai vo apni gun ghr P bhul gya, ni toh khud nikalta. mere pass bhi h, abh bol.

  9. Bhai vo engineers hai. Placement nai mila toh ye sab Mai utar aaye.
    If you tell that you are also engineering passout and now work in night shift in IT, they will let you go away .

  10. I encountered same while returning from a wedding in night. It was near Karol Bagh metro station. Took the right-turn from Jaypee hotel. Was ganged-up by 3 teen age boys on white scooty. They waived big knife and snatched all valuables. The youngest one was not older than 12-14 I feel. And the oldest was around 22.

    I can say, these people are not always from UP or Bihar as someone pointed here. They look more like people who work at Saloon, Garage etc. They’re local streetboys from Delhi itself.

  11. delhi is worse than ulta pradesh…

  12. Smooth AF

  13. Ye saale bhhaiyon ne behenchod rakhi hai Dilli ki

  14. UP Bihar k log… Sigh

  15. This is kejriwals delhi lmao…. and people voted for this fool in Punjab

  16. Welcome to Delhi. They were lucky enough to get robbed in Delhi if it was Gurgaon or noida it could be worse

  17. u/savevideo

  18. Bhai kya chooo log hai yaar. Bc shanti se kuch karne nhi dete.

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    Miserable-Ad-1932 April 4, 2022 at 4:38 pm

    I go cycling at 5 every morning not in Yamuna SC but man see this doesn’t make me comfortable nor secured.

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    Realistic_Doctor_108 April 4, 2022 at 4:38 pm

    Please tell me those buggers are in jail…..

  21. u/savevideo

  22. Gun ownership laws are a real joke here.. citizens have to go through several hoops and still would not get a firearm license and these bloody criminals carry weapons at ease.. I wish govt would someday get some iota of sense and make it easy for law abiding citizens to legally carry firearms for personal safety.. Anyways criminals like this deserve the worst possible repercussions…

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    InDespairHelpMeJK April 4, 2022 at 4:38 pm

    Why didn’t they just run as fast as they could in the opposite direction?

  24. Oh hell naw I used to live nearby for over 2 years.
    Glad I moved

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