Yeah man I’m super invested in the pixel ironman helmets…

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+451 – Yeah man I’m super invested in the pixel ironman helmets being taken over by Grove Street Family or whatever

2022-04-04 14:22:14

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  1. I mean if you think about it this whole sub is about shrieking about losing pixels

  2. I don’t particularly mind it, but I feel like it would be better for every sub to have a designated pinned place thread instead of having 10 people post the same thing and not even realize it.

    That being said, I think it’s 100% worth the spammy posts, seeing the entirety of reddit create a huge work of art and battle and protect each other is pretty damn cool. Also makes me smile every time I see a tiny reference to something I like on the canvas

  3. man yall really strange af
    like i get being depressed and cynical about most things but just let people have fun it comes around once every 5 years i dont get how it ruins your life or something. Maybe its time to take a step back from the subreddit if you need it that badly.

  4. As someone who is a professional party pooper, I think sometimes it’s best to just let people enjoy something.

  5. It doesn’t happen very often, let people have their fun while it lasts.

  6. Leave it to reddit to complain about an (interesting) event for a few days once every 5 years lol. Get over it.

  7. Rather have r/place posts here than your boring ass memes tbh

  8. Honestly, loving the place – such a cool evolution of internet culture and art. And we are featured top left the whole time 🙂

  9. Its like 4 days out of the year, you’ll live. Soon enough everyone will go back to crying about some non-existent PvP related drama or some other bullshit.

  10. All I have done this entire time is place random pixels on the carti album to mess with the people in their sub

  11. Or, you know, you can join the party

  12. Place is dogshit

  13. This is especially true for subreddit s that get maybe 5 posts a day. Now it’s literally 80% r place

  14. literally me on picture

    i had like 10 seconds fun griefing that unoriginal bs corner untill i checked the timer saying 5min

  15. Jumping onto r/place for a few minutes just to read the latest post raging about XQC or other streamers placing pixels on sacred artwork is pretty good entertainment though.

  16. Thankfully it ends today. There really should have been a flair for it though

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    Ornery-Palpitation70 April 4, 2022 at 4:53 pm

    im about to shriek this dick into your mouth, bitch

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