1. *CLICKS* “that was easy”

  2. Boy, I haven’t heard *that* in a long while. Talk about a serious nostalgia moment.

  3. I work in Search Marketing and I had so many of these around the office.

  4. I remember these

  5. Didn’t know these existed, thanks for bringing back a small sound bite from my childhood.

  6. For anyone not old enough to remember…

    Yahoo did a contest to see who could yodel the best for their commercial. The only kid who entered won. She is from a rich suburb of Nashville (think of where country music stars & other celebs live) so clearly she could afford the lessons.

    Then we heard her yodeling commercials over and over and over again and I still remember the entire song why god why

  7. One of my Spanish teachers in College had a Spanish version of the Staples “That was easy!” button. She’d press it whenever we said a perfect sentence in Spanish.

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    totallylegitburner April 4, 2022 at 11:48 pm

    I don’t think I’ve heard that sound since the 90s.

  9. Also loved the easy button and the bullshit button

  10. My great grandpa has a button that says stuff like “bullshit alert” and “warning, bullshit detected” and other variations of that and whenever he gets a scam caller he’ll bring the button up to the phone and press it.

  11. Reminds me of that scene in Bruce Almighty, “Yaa-weeehhh! You’ve got prayers!”

  12. I have the Israeli version that yells “NetanYahooooooo”

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    MysteriousVersion398 April 4, 2022 at 11:48 pm

    They should make a button that makes that statity sound and then clinging when the computer used to hook up to the Internet

  14. ah… the dot com boom…

  15. Do you Yahoo?

  16. Finally a thing that I actually didn’t know existed and that I actually really really want

  17. Well, that was easy…..

  18. Nobody has referenced yahoo by niel cicierega

  19. This is putrid

  20. Reminds me of Yahoo Towers. Damn I dumped a lot of time into that game.

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    100LittleButterflies April 4, 2022 at 11:48 pm

    That is what nostalgia sounds like.

  22. Damnnnn those commercials were the best… I still yoodle yahoo every time I say it

  23. Hey my dad used to have one like 6 years ago

  24. This is a must

  25. Didn’t clicking the exclamation point on Yahoo give you that yodel?

  26. I imagine all the headaches that button must’ve given your parents, while you were a child pressing it incessantly.

  27. Let’s demonstrate a sound-making device on a soft muffling bedspread instead of a table, desk, tray, book, wall, wooden flooring, refrigerator door, computer monitor, ceiling fan blade, car hood, dentist drill machine housing, bathroom mirror, elevator button panel, top of a Roomba, print area of a 3d printer, your forehead, …

  28. Why is this on r/didntknowiwantedthat? No one wants this. What is this a shit commercial for?

  29. Had one of them when I joined Yahoo as my first job long ago

  30. My mom used to work at Yahoo and so we had (maybe still have?) one of these

    I think I remember there being a little switch on the back that could toggle the yodel between a few different variations

  31. “So before we wrap this item up, any other ideas for schwag we can give away to promote the company?”

    “Like one of those giant emergency buzzer buttons – How about a big purple button that instantly does The Yahoo Yodel (TM) when you press it”

    “That’s a great idea. Like a little sound chip that plays The Yodel instantly?”

    “yeah, exactly.”

    “That’s great. We’ve been looking for other ways to leverage the sonic brand. What should we call it?”


    “I-Yodel U-Yodel”

    “Instant Yodel!”

    “Instant Yodel? Is that like some kind of microwave soup?”

    “I got it! INSTA-YODEL – sounds way more like a thing than a soup.”

    A hush fell over the room.

  32. I have always wanted a button that plays the “price is right” failure tune when you press it. I can’t find such a thing anywhere and I don’t know how to make one myself

  33. My partner worked for a company that was bought by Yahoo! back in the day and their introductory package of swag was a box that said this each time it was opened.

  34. So this is the source for mouth dreams

  35. Worked at yahoo for 3 years, these were absolutely everywhere in the office

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    CaterpillarThriller April 4, 2022 at 11:48 pm

    Yep still don’t want it make it a ring tone. Then maybe

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