1. Super proud of our community for bonding together to make this happen! Our first space was taken over by Toast, so we had to move. Luckily, we’ve made alliances with the other groups around us so that we have a place to call home now ❤️

  2. Crazy how much genshin art there is

  3. Xiao mains ftw!

  4. So happy to be a part of this 💙

  5. I love Xiao Mains ❤️

  6. Yeah we need more!!

    Somebody put dodoco in there!!

  7. We had a logo in the upper left corner too lmao, I saw the evolution of it: genshin > genshit > gඞyshit > genshrek > gayshrek lmao

  8. Ye now we are defending it. Not too bad so far.

  9. 🥰🥰🥰

  10. Noelle mains wanted to build a little Noelle chibi somewhere on the canvas but there’s barely any co-ordination.

  11. lol why is there 2 toasts, im sure we can make something over one of them. and i dont think toast cares

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