1. Usually after an Oscar win, the actor or actress is sought after. He managed to make it go in the opposite direction.

  2. The cynic in me believes that these companies are only pausing production and waiting for this to all blow over before continuing as normal

  3. Well, his “Welcome to Earth” series was an entertaining bit
    of ego stroking. Not too sure what to make of his career at
    this point.

  4. How to ruin your sterling reputation in 10 seconds.

  5. His problem is he slapped one of the most likeable people in the world. If he had slapped Andy Dick, he’d be a national hero right now.

  6. The difference between Will Smith and Chris Brown is their fans. Will Smiths fans are regular people who saw him as a really nice person. Being a nice person was a huge part of why they chose to, basically, spend time with him. Will Smith came off as an arrogant, violent jerk and totally full of himself. That speech… Chris Brown’s fans, if I’m not mistaken, are under no illusions about him being a nice person, so his beating his girlfriend did not shatter his image to the same extent.

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  8. So no Hancock 2 Electric Slappaloo?

  9. He went to wholesome to loathsome so quickly. And on the biggest night of his sterling career.

  10. It took a lot more to end Harvey Weinstein.

  11. The companies are going to gauge public opinion before releasing.

    It’s unreal Will Smith did this to himself.

  12. If only he did the slap before he was cast as Genie

  13. Previously I thought the funniest thing about this was that Chris Rock’s joke about his wife which would have been forgotten by now is legitimately a piece of American history. But Will Smith’s career contracting is so much more funny.

    Pretty soon it will just be him working on projects financed by the Church of Scientology with wanna be film maker cult members.

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    available_username2 April 4, 2022 at 4:22 pm

    Cast Chris Rock. Just do it. It’ll get more people to watch it than any marketing buy could ever match

  15. Chris Rock’s tour needs to be renamed, ‘Vessel of Love’.

    This being as Will Smith described himself in his Oscar acceptance speech.

  16. He should’ve just ditched his cheating wife when he had the chance.

    Edit. Thx for the spelling pickup. Ipad app sucks for editing.

  17. The best move for Will Smith is to simply do a one hour special on HBO where he’s roasted by other celebs, hosted by Chris Rock and the proceeds could go to a domestic violence charity.

  18. He’s clearly not happy in this relationship.

  19. Meanwhile Louis CK got a Grammy, like wtf

  20. I’d heard a rumor that Smith was angling for a major role in a Marvel movie; hopefully, this derails that from happening.

  21. I believe now THAT was the Real Will.

  22. Worth 350 million, he’s fine.

  23. > which followed Rock making a joke mocking Smith’s wife, actor Jada Pinkett Smith, and her medical condition alopecia

    Chris Rock did not make a joke about alopecia.

  24. His marriage is toxic, he needs to not see divorce as failure and bounce.

    She will never be happy, he’s not Tupac.

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    WhiskersWithClaws April 4, 2022 at 4:22 pm

    Chevy Chase and Mel Gibson went on racist rants against Jews.

    Michael Vick walked out of prison into a multi-million dollar NFL deal for dog fighting.

    Mike Tyson chomped on an ear during a fight, and was tried and convicted for rape.

    Will Smith will be perfectly fine.

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