1. It’s been 157 years since the US Civil War, and they still haven’t worked it out. I’m not holding my breath.

  2. They keep flying the flags of losers. The Confederacy, the Nazis, and now Trump.

  3. Fascism always loses in the end. Unfortunately, it murders and mistreats a ton of people before it gets stopped.

    Really sad that we let it reoccur.

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    HappySkullsplitter April 5, 2022 at 8:02 am


    “Best 3 out of 5?”

  5. Real patriots actually fight for our country & it’s people. See Ukraine. All these nazis & wanna be dukes of hazards never done much of anything in their life except whine about protect ma guns & fail at an attempted coop.

  6. Im still butthurt about them defacing the POWMIA slogan.. had that as a front license on my car for over a decade and I removed it so I wouldn’t be mistakenly aligned with the weird fascist movement openly happening in America rn

  7. Say goodbye bitches!

  8. [removed]

  9. About to be 0-3

  10. This is great. Just some guy with a sign sitting next to a tree.

  11. I was against this.

  12. Well said !

  13. This guy with the sign is an obvious *libturd*.

    So these patriots have Nazi and Confederate flags. So what?

    I mean what do Nazis and Confederates have in common? Well they’re both racist, yeah – which is code for *White*. And the both of them fought wars for America!

    *Against* America? Fake news. That’s your fake news. It’s just… what kind of RINO are you anyhow?

  14. I wish more democrats waived American flags

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