1. Never, Duh. Cant lose anything lol all i do is win.

  2. when you’re ready for it, and not rushing

  3. How is there is a “normal” for something this personal and private? It depends on when you mentally and physically feel ready and with the right person.

    Can’t be summarized in a “norm” in my opinion.

  4. I don’t think there *is* a normal age. there’s just the age you consider you feel ready.

  5. To give a non joke answer I think late teens early 20s

  6. When mentally and physically ready – which is different for everybody. We don’t come with labels and don’t fit into drawers.

  7. When you can spell lose properly

  8. No idea, I haven’t lost mine yet due to never having a girlfriend and sex is the only thing that people in my social circle in school talk about and I just sit there with a blank mind. I guess it’s because I’m not as social as them, I don’t go out much and most of the time I’m at home with my family. I’m more socially awkward compared to the people I sit with and the main reason why I sit with them is so I’m not lonely, that’s my reality.

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    _Addicted_2_Reddit_ February 5, 2023 at 7:28 am

    I think it’s more about mentality and maturity then an actual number. I’ve learned if you can’t talk to your partner about sex, then your not mature enough and even more important, just not comfortable enough with them. You should be comfortable enough to talk about and ask questions about condoms, birth control, are they a virgin too/how many partners have they had? Would you wanna go to Planned Parenthood together and get tested, get birth control pills, condoms (all of these are free and do not need your parents for). Just general questions about the things you should know about each other. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to talk about sex with your partner, then your not ready to have sex with them. And that’s with any partner in your life, not just your 1st/losing your virginity.

    Anyway, if I had to choose a number, I’d probably say around 17-18 should be the minimum. And whatever the age, please use protection. HPV is real and almost every single one of my girlfriends got some form of it (there’s over 100+ types). Birth control prevents pregnancy but not genital herpes, warts, chlamydia etc. And that’s the last part, if your not comfortable to start getting yearly PAP Smears and STI testing, then again you shouldn’t have sex yet. You can get them at PP without parents or money. Hope some of this helps. If you ever have any other questions I’m here. I lost my mom at 14 and wish I had someone to ask all types of questions and general advice. So I’d be glad to help anyone else that needs some friendly advice. (Btw, I’m a 33/F if it matters)

    TLDR- Age doesn’t really matter, moreso mentality/maturity. If your too uncomfortable to talk about sex with that person, then your not comfortable enough to have sex with that person. Applies to any age or number of partners from 1st to 50th.

  10. Once they learn the ABC they are ready for the D

  11. i didnt feel like i lost anything lol. i did it at 15, regretted it tho. not mature enough physically or emotionally. do it later(18+) if u actually wanna have a good time

  12. I think 16-25 is pretty normal, however you can lose it whenever you’re ready to.

  13. I’ll come back to you when I lose it, it’s gonna be whatever my age then is

  14. Whenever you feel like the time is right and you’re at your best physically and mentally

  15. #DEE


  16. I’ll wait till marriage

  17. Usually 16-18 nowadays, 15 for me

  18. When you’re ready.

  19. When you’re ready

  20. 69

  21. Virginity is cool, stay pure

  22. I sadly lost mine when I was 13, this is not normal. I was forced but I got my vengance. Stay pure or wait till marriage. Normal, 18+

  23. I’d say 17-18.
    for me 14 (regretfully)

  24. No set age for anyone BUT. I believe teens under 16 shouldn’t lose theirs yet.

    Imo there is absolutely no way that a 15 year old is mature enough for that

  25. 16 absolute minimum, gray line minimum.

  26. 81

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