1. United should have lost 😞

  2. You already know that when we lose our next game, this sub is gonna go into full meltdown mode

  3. https://giphy.com/gifs/vv41HlvfogHAY

    Partey injured as well.

    Did one of you sacrifice a goat?

  4. I feel seen

  5. This is the second best use of this meme I’ve ever seen! The first was my friend roasting me about my tiny bladder. XD

  6. Amazing week I’m vibing

  7. I feel so good right now!!! My favorite cp game, I hate them too, zaha… anyhow, wow, what a weekend!!! Arse face at halftime was hilarious!!!

  8. but the spurs way is always bottling it when we have the competitive advantage and completely blowing.

  9. Had the worst fkin week in the last year or so, nice way to balance it up, plus Rapid Bucharest my home team is on a winning streak albeit in play outs but still, our first season back up, and Cicaldau is coming in back in form for both Gatala and the NT. I know you probably don t give a fuck about it but yea, i ve said now, can t take it back

  10. Last season we would’ve drawn or lost

  11. That goal difference though

  12. Wooooow was not expecting that arsenal loss holy shit

  13. More of this please.

  14. Was too much to ask for Everton to beat wet spam though.

  15. i almost pissed myself just by seeing it

  16. Watching the scum get embarrassed tonight was beautiful. Hell of a couple of days

    Fair play to palace they scored some nice goals. Glad we’ve got a date for the NLD as I cannot wait to see Conte embarrass arteta

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