1. Homicide

  2. *Image Transcription: Reddit Comments*

    >**User 1**
    >Not something someone said but my ex would sometimes just get on her knees and open her mouth whilst giving me ‘that look’ when she wanted to give me head. So hot.
    >>**User 2**
    >>Damn son. The only thing my ex ever sucked was the joy out of life

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  3. I’ll download the image and edit the number of upvotes on that reply to add mine. I know it’s just an image but I HAVE TO UPVOTE one way or another.

  4. Way to relatable

  5. r/ihavesex

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    seniormoments12345 April 4, 2022 at 11:44 pm

    Omg that made me laugh

  7. More of an r/murderedbywords

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